Muscle training

5月末に自転車で転んで右肩を強打したんですが、その後遺症でずっと右上腕に違和感があってでも放置してました。漸く病院行ったら、肩関節内部の損傷で治る事は無いから筋トレで筋肉を補強するしかないと言われました(*´-`)えー… そんな訳で腕立てが日課になりそうです!

In the end of May, I fell down from bike and bumped my right shoulder strongly. Although I always felt the pain in the right upper arm due to sequelae, I had ignored that. At last I went to a clinic. A doctor said the cause of pain is a damage inside the shoulder joint and never heal that. So I have to do muscle training for muscle reinforcement around shoulder. Wow! Therefore, push up becomes my daily routine!!

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