Artist Statement

My works are a type of representational art which mixes comic art, illustration, fine art and poster art. My art materials are watercolors and ballpoint pen, and traditional Japanese art materials such as rock paints, gold leaf and other materials. I vary my work – using watercolors and pens for illustrative pieces, and traditional Japanese art materials for works that focus on depth and weight. What is common to both painting materials is that the solvent is water. The reason I like to use these art supplies is because I am drawn to parts that are completely out of my control – accidental water blots on the paintings sometimes create splendid and beautiful patterns.

My works are mainly composed of two motifs: ‘living beings’ and  ‘place’ – i.e. the environment that surrounds them. ‘Living beings can be humans, animals, insects, or literally any creature on earth. ‘Place’ is, for example, forest, sea, stairs, road, desert or anywhere imaginable. At first I decide on which of the two motifs that I want to draw, and then I integrate the other one to fit. This is my technique to create art. When I compose works, I follow two rules. The first is to draw a picture that gives the observer the opportunity for a different perspective. The second is to draw a peaceful world where all the creatures are in harmony.

Usually we as human beings tend to have a fixed way of thinking about how things should be, or we simply accept that that’s just the way it is. If something deviates from the norm, we consider it wrong or turn a blind eye to it. Since we see things from only one perspective, our vision and judgement is narrow. On the other hand, there is freedom when doing creative things such as art. Here, everything is accepted – even if for example a hippo is flying in the sky. There’s no wrong or right.

I think my works express an imaginary place that is still related to our world; it’s not as unbelievable as a typical fantasy story. All individual motifs in my works could actually exist in the real world but, in combination with other themes, help to create a new world. My practice attempts to express, through metaphor, that the world we live in can be more interesting if we just change our perspective a little. It doesn’t need a big change. So I want to deliver the positive message through my works that, if you take a different perspective, you can change how you think about how things should be.          

I became interested in animal welfare through growing up in an environment with many animals around, and by studying biology at university. The most interesting theme during my studies were how animals and people could live in harmony and coexist in society. Since I started learning painting, I have drawn many paintings where animals and humans are interacting with each other in a positive way. In other words, I have been drawing things that show the ideal world in my eyes. I draw a picture that looks like a scene in a story – in truth, the details of this story are vague even to myself, instead I want to entrust it to observer to think about what is happening in this scene. I would be happy if observers enjoyed being given this spark to think about things in their own way based on my work. Therefore, my purpose and motivation for drawing is to make observers happy through my paintings. I hope that having a positive worldview, shown through my art, will help people to have a diverse perspective and to respect all living things more deeply.





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