New works


Now I’m busy making new works towards following contemporary art exhibition. This time, I unite 29 wooden square panels composing them look like one piece of painting. I love Jigsaw puzzle from childhood so I incorporated it into my works. I think it’s easy to bring when I go abroad in the near future( it’s heavy, though). And I try to combine silk strings with painting in order to make this work look semi-three-dimensional. But it’s difficult to do that. I don’t even know what kind of work it’ll be, please come to see and check it directly on site:)

Contemporary art exhibition

以下exhibitionの詳細です。少し遠いですがどうぞお越し下さい^ ^拝観料込みで800円の入場料を頂きます。

10月24日(土)〜11月8日(日) 10:00-17:00 (11/3の文化の日のみ舞踏パフォーマンスあり)

場所:金勝山浄厳院 JR琵琶湖線安土駅下車 徒歩10分

The details of exhibition is below. Please come to see although it’s far from central part of Kansai district:) you need to pay the entrance fee including admission fee for temple.

Period: 24th October(Sat)- 8th November(Sun). Only 3rd November, dance performance will be conducted.

Place: Jogonin temple (takes 10 minutes by walk from JR Azuchi station.

Art Collection

数年前に通っていたイラストの学校(Masa mode academy of art)で今月26〜28日まで展示会が開催されます。卒業生として私の作品も一枚展示されます。もし良ければ観に行って下さい。

From 26th to 28th in September, an exhibition will be held at illustration school(Masa Mode Academy of Art) I graduated few years ago. One of my work I made it in Germany will be displayed at that time as an alumni quota. If you’re interested in it, please come to see.

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