Custom made work


To my great delight, someone appeared who ordered a painting from me. I am very honored that this person likes my artworks. I realized that I am not very good at price negotiations lol. But somehow, now that we have both agreed on a price, I will draw up a contract from now on. A lot of things happen in life.🙃

Opera Hamlet


Yesterday, I went to see the opera version of Shakespeare Hamlet. The story was slightly different from the original, but songs, orchestra and staging, all of them were super amazing, I was speechless after the curtain fell. I intend to express this impression as a work of Japanese painting😃

New video


I made a video of the Japanese painting production process. This is the first half of the process. I thought that the screen might be a little bit dark when I watched it again. Probably there are various improvements such as how to show, but I did my best for the time being. The second half will be uploaded in the near future. Making videos was surprisingly fun. I wish I could continue to do it loosely and with my pace. I’m a little embarrassed that some of my nails are stained with red cabbage in the video 😳



The slideshow and manuscript have finally been completed. At first, I was going to do the presentation in English, but since I made slides entirely in German, I’ll do my best to speak in German. I bet, for those who listen to the presentation, it will be easier to understand if there is reciprocity of language. Also, since I plan to make a small artwork from now on, I’ll film the process and work as a YouTuber. I won’t know until I try anything 🙃