Start exhibition

24日土曜日からexhibitionが始まりました。舞踏パフォーマンス音楽担当の方が紹介ビデオを制作してくれました(下)。私は基本的に土日祝日全て在廊予定です。今回初めて挑戦したインスタレーションが中々好評で嬉しい限りです。どうぞ観に来て下さい^ ^

From 24th, October, our exhibition has already started. A musician who is in charge of music for dance performance created promo video about exhibition (below video). I expect to stay venue on weekend and holiday. Manny people gave me applause about my installation I made it first time, it’s my pleasure. Please come to see:)

Stone Art

いよいよ今週末からexhibitionがスタートします。会場では、それぞれの作家が河原石に絵を描いた作品を販売します。私は”タイルと鯉”をテーマに4種類描きました。なかなか細かな作業でしたが何とか完成しました。もしお気に召したら会場でご購入下さい^ ^

At last the group exhibition will be held from this weekend . Each artist expects to sell the stone art at venue. I drew four pattern of art themed “Tiles and Koi”. It was quite detailed work but I could do that somehow. If you like it please purchase:)

Contemporary art exhibition

以下exhibitionの詳細です。少し遠いですがどうぞお越し下さい^ ^拝観料込みで800円の入場料を頂きます。

10月24日(土)〜11月8日(日) 10:00-17:00 (11/3の文化の日のみ舞踏パフォーマンスあり)

場所:金勝山浄厳院 JR琵琶湖線安土駅下車 徒歩10分

The details of exhibition is below. Please come to see although it’s far from central part of Kansai district:) you need to pay the entrance fee including admission fee for temple.

Period: 24th October(Sat)- 8th November(Sun). Only 3rd November, dance performance will be conducted.

Place: Jogonin temple (takes 10 minutes by walk from JR Azuchi station.

Art Collection

数年前に通っていたイラストの学校(Masa mode academy of art)で今月26〜28日まで展示会が開催されます。卒業生として私の作品も一枚展示されます。もし良ければ観に行って下さい。

From 26th to 28th in September, an exhibition will be held at illustration school(Masa Mode Academy of Art) I graduated few years ago. One of my work I made it in Germany will be displayed at that time as an alumni quota. If you’re interested in it, please come to see.

Masa Mode Academy of Art HP →

Going back to Japan


I’m going back to Japan on 30th June. I was considering extending stay in Germany but it’s not easy to gain required documents for visa under this circumstances, so decided to go home. However I expect to come back Germany some day, at that time my pending solo exhibition will be held. I leave my big sized work at gallery. Btw it’s rainy season in Japan right now:)

Group exhibition in Leipzig

来週10日から21日までライプツィヒでグループ展が始まります。急に知らされたのでまだ作品完成してませんが、何とかなるでしょう。10日は準備やパーティーもあるし初めてライプツィヒまで行きます。楽しみです^ ^オンライン配信は無くなったようです。。

From 10th to 21st on June, our group exhibition will be held in Leipzig. An organizer informed us about that suddenly, my work doesn’t complete yet, but bet I’ll be able to do. First time in my life I’m going to Leipzig for preparation and opening party on 10th. Looking forward to that:) Btw online show was canceled.

Solo exhibition in Berlin

昨日突然私の個展が22日から30日の約1週間、ベルリンのクロイツベルク地区にあるギャラリーにて開催される事が決まりました。。何という嬉しい驚き!ギャラリーのオーナーさんはアーティスト兼ヨガマスターでもあり私が彼女のヨガに時々通ってた縁で、彼女が私のプレゼンを聞きに来た時に私の絵を気に入ってくれたみたいです。人数制限やマスク着用の義務などの規制はありますが私にとってはとても大きな前進です^ ^

Yesterday it was suddenly decided that my solo exhibition will be held from 22nd to 30th at the gallery where there’s at Kreuzberg in Berlin. What a happy surprise! An owner of the gallery is also artist and yoga master I met her at her yoga class. When she came to my presentation, seems that she got curious my works. Although there’re regulations such as restrictions on the number of people and the obligation to wear masks in holding, it’s a great step for me:)



This morning, it was decided that group exhibition is postponed until maybe May and my extension of stay at least 3 months probably. I just contacted the Schengen visa authority. I’ve been feeling massive fatigue against rapid change of circumstances, so went to practice the piano which is my tranquilizer( btw using a rental bike to avoid the contact with people). While playing I organized my mind that I should accept this situation as my destiny. I’m not sure I’ll make extra painting or get a job in three months, but I’ll try to think positively.

Invitation card


Invitation card for our group exhibition was completed. My work is used for front page, I’m happy:) However, now our organizer is thinking whether exhibition is postponed or not. In case of postpone, I’ll extend the stay in Germany using a special extension visa. The period is undecided. I can’t say anything clearly because it’s hard to predict something even the near future. Having a impression that situation is getting worse rapidly because I tend to be late in understanding the circumstances due to no tv&pc there. I just only have a complicated feeling, what’s a tricky status! 🙁 If it’s decided to extend, I might buy a secondhand pc.

Amend the statement

Artist statement を一部書き直しました。このサイトのトップページに載せてるので興味がありましたら読んでください。前よりは纏まった気がします。

I amended a part of artist statement. Please check HOME on this website if you’re interested in that. I suppose it’s more organized than the previous version 🙂