Perhaps I’ll be giving a presentation at the Kunstsalon (a place where artists and musicians present their works and performances) in Neukölln in April. I’ll actually bring some works and explain their origins and production methods, etc. I’ll do my best to be able to show the new work I started making last week. Can’t wait!!

New statement

私のアートの方向性が随分と変わったのでArtist statementの内容も刷新しました。このウェブサイトのホーム画面に独語、英語、日本語で載せています。以前は世間や環境、状況に対して、作品のメッセージを通して問題提起する事はアーティストの社会的役割の一つだと思ってました。ただ私の場合は心境の変化を経て、色んな事象を遥か遠くから眺めるようになったら、作品を通して何かを訴える事は私のやりたい事ではないと気付きました。今は美しい作品によってお客さんが感動してくれたらただそれだけで満足です^ ^

Since the direction of my art has changed considerably, I have also renewed the content of my artist statement. It’s on the home screen of this website in German, English and Japanese. previously, I used to think that it was one of the artist’s social roles to pose problems to the world, the environment, and the situation through the message of the work. However, in my case, after the change of state of mind and seeing various phenomena from afar, I realized that appealing something through my work was not what I wanted to do. Right now, I’m just satisfied if observers are moved by my beautiful work 🙂

Invitation card

招待状が完成したのでSNSに載せました。そして今気づいたのですが木曜日(Donnerstag)の綴りが間違っている!!まあ仕方ないので諦めます😅今は展示に向けて準備中です。楽しみです^ ^

The invitation card was completed and I posted it on SNS. But I just realized that I mistook the spelling of Donnerstag. OMG!! I gave up it’s unavoidable, anyways… Now I’m preparing for something towards exhibition. Looking forward to next Thursday:)

Temari 2


Finally Temari was completed, I uploaded them at the gallery in this site. I likened temari’s sphere to the earth, and a migratory fish is swimming on the surface of it. For me, this fish is a symbol of the freedom because there’re many inconveniences nowadays…lol. I gave auspicious words as a subtitle to each work in the hope that fortune will come to those who take it in one’s hand. The starting date of the exhibition was decided on 17th February, I’ll exhibit them at that time. If you’ll come to see actually, I’d be happy 😊


最近美味しいケーキ屋さん兼カフェを見つけて時々買いに行っていたらオーナーさんと仲良くなり、お店の中で絵を展示させてもらう事になりました。展示開始は多分一月末位からと思います。楽しみです♪人との出逢いは何て素晴らしいのでしょう! 展示に向けて次は球体の日本画に挑戦しようと思い画材屋に探しに行ったら、最大でもφ4.8cmまでしかなく仕方なくこれを購入しました。小さなサイズが上手く出来たら木工工芸の職人さんや会社を見つけて、もう少し大きなサイズを注文したいです^ ^

Recently, when I found out a cafe selling delicious cakes and sometimes went there to buy it, I became a friends with an owner of here, and she suggested the exhibit of my works at her cafe. Probably it’ll start around the end of January. I’m looking forward to it:) What a wonderful encounter with people! I went to an art supply store to seek a sphere for Japanese painting towards the exhibition, there was only up to φ4.8 cm, I couldn’t help but buy it. If I can make a small size well, I’d like to find a woodworking craftsman or company and order a slightly larger size sphere.

Autumn leaves

今ドイツの紅葉が美しく、最後の見頃を迎えています。その美しさを絵にしたくて新しいイラストを描きました。ギャラリーに載せてます。ちなみにギャラリー内に最近色んな種類の作品が増えてゴチャゴチャして来たので制作順をやめてカテゴリー別に変えました。これからもイラスト、日本画、そしてインスタレーション全てを自分が作りたいままに作り続けます^ ^なので私の肩書きはペインターではなくアーティストですかね?まあ何でも良いです笑

Now the autumn leaves in Germany is so beautiful and it’s in the best time to see. I wanted to express its beauty, so I made a new illustration and uploaded it in the gallery. Btw recently I changed the order of works in gallery from production time to category because it messed up by increasing the many kinds of works. I’ll continue to make illustrations, Japanese paintings, and installations as I want. So my title is an artist, not painter? Anything is fine:)


私の預かり知らぬ間に私のグループ展への参加が決まってました^ ^今朝、下のフライヤーがメールで送られてきて驚きました。しかも載せてる絵は今、日本にあるので急遽似たような作品作るかも。9月6日から8日までベルリンのギャラリーで開かれるらしいです。8日のパーティーの日にピアノ弾きます♪

My participation in the group exhibition was decided before I knew it 🙂 This morning, below flyer was sent to me, I was surprised. And the picture on the flyer is now in Japan, I might make similar one immediately. It’ll be held at a gallery in Berlin Neukölln from September 6th to 8th. I’ll play the piano at the party on 8th ♪

Biennale and exhibition


I found out the cancellation of the date of visa application, so I transferred my date of application from November to end of September. And my artist friend who is an also yoga master introduced me a biennale in Hamburg and exhibition in Ulm, I wanna join them. For the biennale, I need to make a new work and its deadline is end of September, but not sure I can do it while preparing a visa application. However, it’s a big opportunity for me to make connections and achievements in Germany. I should set priorities because I have to do something a lot.

Booking 2

ビザの申請日の予約が随分先まで埋まっていて11月下旬になりました。それまでは合法的にドイツに居る事が出来るそうです。申請日まで余裕があるのでじっくり準備します。ちなみに10月頃にPositive Artのグループ展を開催するかもしれません。まだ詳細は未定です。発案者の前シェアメイト2人はまだロンドンに居て、いつドイツに戻れるか分かりませんが、皆で一緒に開催出来たらと思います^ ^

The date of visa application was decided to be the end of November, because the reservation was already filled up to a few months later. Until that day, seems I can stay here Germany legally. There’s a plenty of time till the application date, so I’ll prepare carefully. Btw, maybe “positive art” group exhibition will be held around October. Details are not decided yet. Ex-shared mates who are originators of positive art are still in London, not sure when they will come back to Germany, but hope we can exhibit together:)

Start exhibition

24日土曜日からexhibitionが始まりました。舞踏パフォーマンス音楽担当の方が紹介ビデオを制作してくれました(下)。私は基本的に土日祝日全て在廊予定です。今回初めて挑戦したインスタレーションが中々好評で嬉しい限りです。どうぞ観に来て下さい^ ^

From 24th, October, our exhibition has already started. A musician who is in charge of music for dance performance created promo video about exhibition (below video). I expect to stay venue on weekend and holiday. Manny people gave me applause about my installation I made it first time, it’s my pleasure. Please come to see:)