今日ようやくアパートの契約手続きが完了し、1月から元の家に戻ります。年明け早々又もや引っ越しです。引っ越し作業が落ち着いたら山か海に小旅行に行こうと思っています。ベルリンには公園は山ほどあるけど野生の自然が無いので、都会では無い場所でリフレッシュしたいです^ ^

At last, today I got contract with the landlord about an apartment, I can come back to previous place from January. Early in the new year, I’ll move again. After settling down the moving work, I wanna go to mountain or sea with a short trip. Although there’re a lot of parks in Berlin, there’s no wild nature. I wanna take a break at the rural area, not city:)



Previously as I wrote on this post, now I’m making sphere’s works. Since I’ve been living in Germany, rather I’m strongly aware of how unique, elaborate and beautiful Japanese culture and traditional art are. Therefore, I wanted to make the sphere’s works with a stronger Japanese element, so I decided to draw a Temari pattern. The real thing of Temari is embroidery, but i challenge to make it with Japanese painting materials. I expect to exhibit it at following exhibition, I have to do my best:)

Temporary move


I thought it was no longer necessary to move for the time being, but I moved again today. There is a complicated reason that original borrowers subleased their room to me and their contract will expire by the end of this month, and they have to paint the walls and clean the room before leaving. I’ll probably sign a rental contract with my landlord next week and will be able to live in January, until then I stay at my friend’s house. To be honest, I’m exhausted by moving my luggage:(


今住んでるアパートは今月中旬には退去せねばならなかったのですが、次の入居者が決まっていなかったので延長して住める事になりました。期限は今の所ありません。ようやく引っ越しから解放されます。私からピアノを習いたいという人が居るし、自分ももっと練習したいので部屋に中古ピアノを置きたいと思っています。ピアノを教えるとなると近頃サボってるドイツ語の必要性が増します。サボってる場合では無いです笑。最近素敵な人達との出会いが本当に沢山あって、その出会いがまた新たな出会いを生み、人との繋がりの素晴らしさを実感しています。今後私のアートやドイツでの生活がどう展開するか楽しみです^ ^

I had to move out of the apartment I live in the middle of this month, but next resident didn’t decide yet so I can stay here more longer as long as I need for now. Finally, I was released from the move. I think I’ll place the secondhand piano at my room because a person who wants me to teach piano appeared and also I wanna practice more. When it comes to teaching the piano, the need for German, which i negrect to study these days, increases. This is not a time to neglect lol. Recently, I have met a lot of wonderful people, and those encounters have created new encounters, and I feel the wonderfulness of connecting with people. I’m looking forward to seeing how my art and life in Germany will develop in the near future:)


最近完成した日本画のタイトルはResonance(共鳴)にしました。重なり合う渦巻きは個々の世界を表しています。基本的に我々には違う価値観や個性があり独立していますが、一つの目的に向かって協力し合う時には各個人の思いが共鳴しているのだと思います。そうやって個を尊重しながらも物事を成し遂げられるのは素敵な事だなぁという思いをこのタイトルに込めました^ ^

I titled the latest Japanese painting “Resonance”. The overlapping swirls represent the individual worlds. Basically, each person have different values ​​and personalities and are independent, but I think that each individual’s heart and feelings resonate when we cooperate toward one purpose. I decided this title because it is wonderful if we’ll be able to accomplish things as a result of resonance while respecting each other:)


最近美味しいケーキ屋さん兼カフェを見つけて時々買いに行っていたらオーナーさんと仲良くなり、お店の中で絵を展示させてもらう事になりました。展示開始は多分一月末位からと思います。楽しみです♪人との出逢いは何て素晴らしいのでしょう! 展示に向けて次は球体の日本画に挑戦しようと思い画材屋に探しに行ったら、最大でもφ4.8cmまでしかなく仕方なくこれを購入しました。小さなサイズが上手く出来たら木工工芸の職人さんや会社を見つけて、もう少し大きなサイズを注文したいです^ ^

Recently, when I found out a cafe selling delicious cakes and sometimes went there to buy it, I became a friends with an owner of here, and she suggested the exhibit of my works at her cafe. Probably it’ll start around the end of January. I’m looking forward to it:) What a wonderful encounter with people! I went to an art supply store to seek a sphere for Japanese painting towards the exhibition, there was only up to φ4.8 cm, I couldn’t help but buy it. If I can make a small size well, I’d like to find a woodworking craftsman or company and order a slightly larger size sphere.

New work

制作期間約1か月となかなか早いペースで日本画の新作が出来ました。今年の3月に描いた小品の連作です。我ながら好きな雰囲気に出来たけど、一部に割れと浮きが出来てしまい接着剤で応急処置したけど大丈夫かな…😅キャンバスが原因か盛り上げ剤に使った大理石粉が原因か、今度小品で確かめてみます。というか普通は小品から試すべきなのに、いきなり大きなサイズで作って失敗するのは私の悪い癖です。でも失敗から学ぶのが私流です^ ^

I was able to create a new Japanese painting at a fairly fast pace with one month. This is a sequence of small pieces i made in March of this year. I like new work’s atmosphere, but crack and float occurred on a part of the surface, so I took first aid with an adhesive, but I wonder if it’s okay… I will check with a small work whether the cause of the crack is canvas or marble powder. Or rather, I should usually try small items, but it’s my bad habit to suddenly make a large size and fail. It’s my style to learn from mistakes:p