私の預かり知らぬ間に私のグループ展への参加が決まってました^ ^今朝、下のフライヤーがメールで送られてきて驚きました。しかも載せてる絵は今、日本にあるので急遽似たような作品作るかも。9月6日から8日までベルリンのギャラリーで開かれるらしいです。8日のパーティーの日にピアノ弾きます♪

My participation in the group exhibition was decided before I knew it 🙂 This morning, below flyer was sent to me, I was surprised. And the picture on the flyer is now in Japan, I might make similar one immediately. It’ll be held at a gallery in Berlin Neukölln from September 6th to 8th. I’ll play the piano at the party on 8th ♪



As a result of the considerations, I decided to join only biennale in Hamburg. There is a size regulation for the painting in the participation condition, and the flamingo one I drew in Berlin last year fits within the regulation, so I will exhibit it. But I need to change the title of painting and match the description of it to the theme of exhibition “hydrogen” (Wasserstoff). I’ll make an effort to make application letters to biennale and documents for visa:)

Debut as a pianist?

今日何故かギャラリーのオープニングパーティーにピアニストとして呼ばれたので行ってきました笑。去年個展をさせてもらったギャラリーです。拍手を頂きありがたかったですがもっと練習して精度を上げたいです^ ^

I don’t know why but a gallery’s owner invited me as a pianist to an opening party at her gallery where I hold my solo exhibition last year. It was thankful for applause to my play, but I want to be more nice player lol.