Finish exhibition

2週間に渡って開催されたContemporary art exhibition が無事終了しました。累計約380名の方にお越しいただきました。会の規模や知名度、地理的条件、昨今の状況から鑑みてこの来訪者数は上出来だと思います。何よりも皆様から多くの応援や暖かい言葉を頂けた事が一番の成果と思います。また色々な新しい繋がりが出来ました。これからも休む事なく制作を続けて新作を皆様に披露出来たらと思います。ちなみに有難い事に石アートは完売しました^ ^

Contemporary art exhibition held through for two weeks has finished peacefully. Sum of the visitors were about 380. Considering the scale and name recognition of this exhibition, inconvenient location and recent situation, I think this number of visitors is wonderful. More than anything, the best result is that we received a lot of support and warm words from everyone. And I got new connections with some people. I hope that I’ll continue to produce new works without rest and show them to everyone 🙂 Btw, thankfully all of my stone art was sold out!



Installation is the art uniting with the spaces, there’re no restrictions. On the other hand, painting has the basic limitation of a square. Until now, my main focus for making painting was that how can I express my unique characteristics inside square, but by making a circular work in Germany, I was able to free from the so called “common sense of painting”. And this time, I feel that the possibilities of my art have expanded by creating a work titled “Forest”, which is an installation that involves all the cloth, strings, and even the pillars of the temple. I’ll try to find out how far I can pursue this style based on Japanese painting materials.

Start exhibition

24日土曜日からexhibitionが始まりました。舞踏パフォーマンス音楽担当の方が紹介ビデオを制作してくれました(下)。私は基本的に土日祝日全て在廊予定です。今回初めて挑戦したインスタレーションが中々好評で嬉しい限りです。どうぞ観に来て下さい^ ^

From 24th, October, our exhibition has already started. A musician who is in charge of music for dance performance created promo video about exhibition (below video). I expect to stay venue on weekend and holiday. Manny people gave me applause about my installation I made it first time, it’s my pleasure. Please come to see:)

Stone Art

いよいよ今週末からexhibitionがスタートします。会場では、それぞれの作家が河原石に絵を描いた作品を販売します。私は”タイルと鯉”をテーマに4種類描きました。なかなか細かな作業でしたが何とか完成しました。もしお気に召したら会場でご購入下さい^ ^

At last the group exhibition will be held from this weekend . Each artist expects to sell the stone art at venue. I drew four pattern of art themed “Tiles and Koi”. It was quite detailed work but I could do that somehow. If you like it please purchase:)

New works


Now I’m busy making new works towards following contemporary art exhibition. This time, I unite 29 wooden square panels composing them look like one piece of painting. I love Jigsaw puzzle from childhood so I incorporated it into my works. I think it’s easy to bring when I go abroad in the near future( it’s heavy, though). And I try to combine silk strings with painting in order to make this work look semi-three-dimensional. But it’s difficult to do that. I don’t even know what kind of work it’ll be, please come to see and check it directly on site:)

Contemporary art exhibition

以下exhibitionの詳細です。少し遠いですがどうぞお越し下さい^ ^拝観料込みで800円の入場料を頂きます。

10月24日(土)〜11月8日(日) 10:00-17:00 (11/3の文化の日のみ舞踏パフォーマンスあり)

場所:金勝山浄厳院 JR琵琶湖線安土駅下車 徒歩10分

The details of exhibition is below. Please come to see although it’s far from central part of Kansai district:) you need to pay the entrance fee including admission fee for temple.

Period: 24th October(Sat)- 8th November(Sun). Only 3rd November, dance performance will be conducted.

Place: Jogonin temple (takes 10 minutes by walk from JR Azuchi station.

Art Collection

数年前に通っていたイラストの学校(Masa mode academy of art)で今月26〜28日まで展示会が開催されます。卒業生として私の作品も一枚展示されます。もし良ければ観に行って下さい。

From 26th to 28th in September, an exhibition will be held at illustration school(Masa Mode Academy of Art) I graduated few years ago. One of my work I made it in Germany will be displayed at that time as an alumni quota. If you’re interested in it, please come to see.

Masa Mode Academy of Art HP →


10月に参加するcontemporary art exhibitionは滋賀の浄厳院という由緒ある古刹で開催されます。今日はその打ち合わせでした。発起人の方から今の状況でこういう催しをする事についてどう思うか聞かれました。個人的にはアート(音楽やダンスの無形文化含め)は言葉では伝えられないエネルギーを共有できる、人間にとって一番大切なものと思っています。でも経済が疲弊すると生活する事が第一となりアートの存在意義は失われがちです。そんな訳でアートがどれだけ人の心を豊かにするか、実際に人と会って感動を共有する楽しさなど、今一度考えるきっかけに今回のexhibitionがなれば良いなと思っています。

The contemporary art exhibition I join in October will be held at old historical temple in Shiga prefecture. We took meeting today. A founder artist asked me what do you think about the meaning of holding this exhibition under this situation. Personally, the art (including dance and music) is the most important things what we human can exchange the energy needing no words. However, when the economic level decreases, living comes first and the meaning of art tends to be lost. So I hope this exhibition could be an opportunity to think that how the art can enrich people’s heart, and how fun to meet people actually and share emotions.

My opinion


We humans have lived in coexistence with microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria for tens of thousands of years. There are innumerable microorganisms in our body, they are a part of the immune system and fight new microorganisms from the outside world. That is how we maintain or enhance our own immune function day by day. In other words, most external viruses are eliminated by their own immunity without being activated (growth = infection). However, PCR tests cannot tell if the virus is active or inactive. So it is judged as positive only by holding the virus, and in the current trend, PCR positive people are counted as corona infector. Why is the basics of infectious disease ignored this time? It’s a strange story. Will asymptomatic people become the source of infection? Asymptomatic is because the person’s immune system is superior to the virus, and the virus does not multiply in the body, so the risk of transferring it to another person is extremely low. In the first place, did people who were asymptomatic to flu and Streptococcus pneumoniae, which have a higher mortality rate, care about such a thing? The tricks with imprinting are used in TV and other reports as if to instill fear. So why do they use such a trick? We have to find out by ourselves and come up with a convincing answer. I think you can alleviate your fear by studying various information and understanding it theoretically. *The above opinion is my personal one based on biological knowledge. *i found out below accusation video by doctors in Germany

Looking back

久しぶりに友人知人に出会い、皆さんからドイツでの体験についての慰労の言葉を頂きました。確かに状況が急変した時は一時的に色々と大変でした。でも振り返るとロックダウン前もその最中も後もずっと絵を描いてたし、私の1番やりたい事(絵)を自由に出来る生活を心から楽しんでました。外側の状況がどうであろうと、常にぶれない何かが自分の内にある事はとても大切であると悟りました^ ^

After half a year I met some friends, who warmly gave me words of comfort about my experience in Germany. Indeed it was hard time temporarily when the circumstances changed worsening rapidly. However I was making works whole time before quarantine, under quarantine and after quarantine, I really enjoyed my life because I could freely do the things(painting) I wanna do the most. I realized it’s quite important to have unshakable things inside me no matter what the outside situation is.