White asparagus is the seasonal vegetable in spring in Germany. I bought it and tried to cook it, but I didn’t know the standard German seasoning, so I grilled it in butter and soy sauce. It was tasty good:) But next time I’m going to try German-style seasoning (maybe cream taste??).

Piano teacher


I made my debut as a piano teacher from today (Btw, when I was a college student, I sometimes taught instead of my piano teacher). My friend’s daughter was looking for a piano teacher, and she came to learn it immediately because she got interested in my piano. She wants to be a singer and be able to sing while playing the piano. Her singing voice is very beautiful and she has good ears and the sense of sound, so I’m sure she will improve quickly. And also, for me, it’s good opportunity to re-study the fundamentals of the piano by teaching her it, it’s thankful. And I’ll learn music terms in English and German from now on, it’s exciting🎼


今日はピアノの調律と修理をしてもらいました。だいぶ弦が緩んでチェンバロみたいな音になってた部分とか異音がする部分とかを色々丁寧に直して頂き、音がすごくクリアで美しくなりました。音の大きさは内部や後ろ側に毛布とかの布を置いて響きを低減させるしか無いようです。このピアノは100歳超えてるらしいですが、そんな古さは全く感じない美しい音が鳴ります。きっと100年以上の間に沢山持ち主が代わったのでしょうが、今は縁有って私へと辿り着きました。大事に使いたいと思います^ ^

I had the piano tuned and repaired today. The sound became very clear and beautiful by carefully fixing the parts where the strings became loose and sounded like a harpsichord and the parts where there was a strange noise. A tuner said the loudness of the sound can only be reduced by placing a blanket or other cloth inside or behind it. Seems that this piano is over 100 years old, but it produces a beautiful sound that doesn’t feel that old at all. I bet many owners have changed between 100 years, and now I own it, this encounter is wonderfull. I want to cherish to use it:)


明日いよいよ我が家にピアノが搬入されます。超楽しみです^ ^ただし音程の狂いがあるのと最低音のハンマーと弦を繋ぐ紐が切れているので、調律と修理が来週成されます。それから物凄く華やかな音のピアノなのですが強弱の幅が狭くて微妙な表現が今のままだとやりにくいので、調律師さんに調整してもらいたく思ってます。

The piano will finally be transported to my place tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it! However, the tuning and repair will be done next week because the pitch is out of sync and the parts connecting the lowest note hammer and the strings is broken. Also, the piano has a very gorgeous sound, but the range of ff to pp is narrow and it’s difficult to do subtle expressions as it is, so I want a piano tuner to adjust it 🙂


ここ2週間ほど中古ピアノを探していましたが、中々ピアノ提供者とのタイミングが合わなかったりで難航していました。でも今日訪問した方のピアノを購入する事に決めました!昨年の10月からずっと毎週ピアノ練習室に通い練習していましたが足の指の怪我以来、行動範囲が制限された事もあり行けていませんでした。楽器の場合、時々の練習では指が著しく劣化するので元の動きを取り戻すのが本当に大変です。でもこれからは毎日練習できます♪ 5歳から始めたピアノは私にとってライフワークです^ ^

I’ve been looking for a used piano for the past two weeks, but I’ve had a difficult time because a timing with the piano provider didn’t fit and so on. But I decided to buy the piano of the one I visited today! I have been practicing by going to the piano practice room every week since October of last year, but since my toes were injured, I couldn’t go because my range of activity was restricted. In the case of musical instruments, it’s really difficult to regain the original movement because the fingers deteriorate significantly with occasional practice. However I can play it everyday from now on 🎹 The piano that I started at the age of 5 is my lifework 🙂


立方体作品が完成しました。テーマは”春”です。色構成は川辺に咲く桜からイメージしました。きっとこの美しい景色は何万年も前から続いていていて、そして今後も末永く美を愛でられる季節が巡る事を願い主題を『無限』にしました。恐らくデザインと色を変えて夏秋冬バージョンも作る予定です^ ^

The cubed work was completed. Its theme is “spring”, and the color composition was inspired from cherry blossoms blooming on the riverside. I’m sure this beautiful scenery has been going on for tens of thousands of years, and I hope that the season of enjoying for beauty will continue for a long time, so I titled “infinity”. I’m probably planning to make a summer / autumn / winter version with different designs and colors:)


昨晩、超久々に映画を観に行きました。映画館に行ったのはボヘミアンラプソディ以来です(3回観た^ ^)。今回観たのは”C’mon C’mon”というアメリカ映画です。言語は英語、字幕はドイツ語で、ドイツ語の勉強になるかと思ったけど、英語も所々発音の癖が強かったりブロークンになると聞き取れない箇所があり、リスニングに注力しててそんな余裕は無かった…でも心温まる良き物語でした。

Last night I went to watch a movie after super long time. Since watching “Bohemian Rhapsody”(I watched it three times :p), I had no opportunity to come to cinema. This time I watched an American movie titled “C’mon C’mon”. The language is English and the subtitles are German, so I thought that it’s a good time to study German while reading subtitles and listening English, but there were some parts of English that I couldn’t hear when they had a strong pronunciation habit or they spoke broken English, so I was doing the best just listening. Anyways, it was a heartwarming and nice story 🙂

Cubed work2

再びキューブ状の作品を今作っています。大きさは10cm四方なので前回より大分小さいです。前は建物をテーマに描きましたが今回『ただ美しいだけの物』を作りたくなったので、日本の和柄を描いてます。イメージした通りの美しさを上手く表現できます様に^ ^!

Now I’m making a cubed work again. Its size is 10cm square, it’s smaller than before. I painted the theme of buildings previous time, but this time I wanted to make “something that is just beautiful”, so I’m drawing Japanese patterns. Hope I can express the beauty as I imagined 🙂

German lesson

近頃友人になったイラン人女性とタンデムレッスンをする事になりました。彼女は私から日本語を、私は彼女からドイツ語を学びます。彼女のドイツ語はネイティブレベルなので初めて話した時ドイツ人と思っていました。会話レッスンするとなるとドイツ語学習にやる気が出ます^ ^

I’m going to have a tandem lesson with an Iranian woman who recently became a friend. She learns Japanese from me and I learn German from her. Her German is native level so I thought she was a German when I talked with her first time. I’m motivated to learn German towards conversation lessons:)


新しい日本画が完成しました。今回は奇を衒わない素直な構図と表現を心掛けました。この世の中、色んな出来事が起こるけども、どんな時も自分には嘘をつかず、正直でありたいなと思ったからです。さて、次は何を描こうかな^ ^

My new work of Japanese painting was completed. This time, I tried to create a straightforward composition and expression that wouldn’t be strange. That’s because, although there’re many incidents in this world, I thought I wanna stay being honest and not lie to myself anytime:) Well, what should I draw next?