本日無事にビザを取得出来ました。2年間有効という事です。書類を提出してからの待ち時間、かなり緊張しました。今は取得出来てホッとしています。ドイツで沢山の人に私のアートを見て楽しんでもらえる様に、作品作りに邁進します。もう少し国の行き来がしやすくなったら一度日本に一時帰国したいです^ ^

I could get a visa smoothly today. Its validity period is 2 years. After submitting all documents, I felt nervous during the waiting time, but now I’m relieved. I’ll do my best to make a lot of works so that many people in Germany can enjoy my art. If the situation would be better, I wanna come back to Japan temporarily:)



I could make all documents for applying a visa. A lot of documents is required for a freelance visa, so I took much time to make it. At last I’ll apply it next Tuesday. Hope I can get a visa smoothly. And now I’m searching a next apartment. Also hope I can find it well:)

Exhibition has done

昨日グループ展が終わりました。月曜も火曜も準備してたので実質的には1日の展示でしたが昨日は沢山の人が来てくれました。良かったです^ ^ここ数日は準備やピアノの練習でバタバタしていてビザの準備やドイツ語の勉強に時間を取れていませんでした。今日から復活!

Yesterday our show was over. Actually it was a only one day show because we’ve been installing works also Monday and Tuesday, but many people came to see yesterday. I enjoyed:) For this couple of days I was really busy preparing for exhibition and practicing the piano, I couldn’t spend the time to prepare for visa and study Germany. From today I resume!

New share mate

今週末から隣の部屋にシェアメイトが来るそうです。どんな人かは全く不明。私は今の部屋を今月末に出て行かねばならないので1ヶ月の共同生活になります。次の部屋を探す前にまずはビザ取らないとどうにもなりません。ビザの予約日を前倒し出来たら部屋探しに余裕が出来るけどキャンセル次第です。中々ギリギリです^ ^

Seems that new share mate will come from this weekend. I don’t know what kind of person it is. I have to leave my room at the end of this month, so it’ll be a communal living for only one month. Before looking the next room, I need to get a visa. Depending on the cancellation, I can move the date of visa application, and afford to seek a new room. I’m busy…:p

Recommendation letter 2

何とか5枚の推薦書が手に入りました。ほぼ間違いなくビザは取れると思います、多分。。これから他の書類を微調整して矛盾の無い内容に揃えます。うまくいきます様に^ ^

I could get 5 recommendation letters somehow. In all likelihood I can get a visa, maybe. From now on I’ll adjust all contents of documents so that there’s no contradiction. Hope everything’s gonna be all right:)


私の預かり知らぬ間に私のグループ展への参加が決まってました^ ^今朝、下のフライヤーがメールで送られてきて驚きました。しかも載せてる絵は今、日本にあるので急遽似たような作品作るかも。9月6日から8日までベルリンのギャラリーで開かれるらしいです。8日のパーティーの日にピアノ弾きます♪

My participation in the group exhibition was decided before I knew it 🙂 This morning, below flyer was sent to me, I was surprised. And the picture on the flyer is now in Japan, I might make similar one immediately. It’ll be held at a gallery in Berlin Neukölln from September 6th to 8th. I’ll play the piano at the party on 8th ♪

Recommendation letter

ビザの取得に恐らく一番重要な事はドイツに住む現地人から今後の仕事を確約する推薦書を得る事です。昨年知り合ったギャラリスト2名とアーティストの友人達にお願いして今書いてもらってます。私と仕事したいからドイツに長く滞在してもらいたい、みたいな内容^ ^皆さん忙しいのに協力してくれて超ありがたいです。まだまだ必要書類があるので苦手ですが紙仕事を続けます。

Probably the most important thing in getting visa is to gain recommendation letters from a local in Germany that promises me future job. I ask two gallerists I met last year and friends of artist to write it now. Eg, “I want her to stay here longer because I wanna work with her “, etc:) I really appreciate their cooperation even though everyone is busy. I still continue to make the necessary documents, (I am not good at paper works though).

Cover letter

履歴書とそれに付随して提出するCover Letterを作成しました。カバーレターには具体的なプランや自分を売り込む内容を書きます。最近漸くself management というものが分かってきました。会社員の頃は与えられた仕事をこなしていると月給が貰えましたが、今はそうは行きません。でもやりたい事を見つけて実現していく今の仕事の方が私は楽しいです。今制作中の木工作品は上手くすると色んな物とコラボ出来るのではと目論んでます。例えば木製楽器とか家具とか。いつかドイツの職人さんとコラボしたいです^ ^

I made a cover letter attached with CV. In the cover letter, I write a specific plan, and my policy as an artist. Recently, I’ve finally come to understand what is called self management. When I was an office worker, I got a monthly salary when I was just doing the job given by bosses, but now I can’t. However, I rather enjoy my current job of finding what I want to do and realizing it. I am planning to collaborate with various things if the wooden craft art work currently being produced is successful. For example, wooden musical instruments and furniture. I want to collaborate with a German craftsman one day:)



As a result of the considerations, I decided to join only biennale in Hamburg. There is a size regulation for the painting in the participation condition, and the flamingo one I drew in Berlin last year fits within the regulation, so I will exhibit it. But I need to change the title of painting and match the description of it to the theme of exhibition “hydrogen” (Wasserstoff). I’ll make an effort to make application letters to biennale and documents for visa:)

Debut as a pianist?

今日何故かギャラリーのオープニングパーティーにピアニストとして呼ばれたので行ってきました笑。去年個展をさせてもらったギャラリーです。拍手を頂きありがたかったですがもっと練習して精度を上げたいです^ ^

I don’t know why but a gallery’s owner invited me as a pianist to an opening party at her gallery where I hold my solo exhibition last year. It was thankful for applause to my play, but I want to be more nice player lol.