Realtime interrupt 仮想空間計画


I could focus on reading while getting in a train long time. Its title was Realtime Interrupt written by JamesP.Hogan. The beginning of story was slightly boring but gradually it’d be interesting , and fascinated me till last page. “Human should go back to basics” was summary of this story. Btw I think his best one is “ Inherit the Stars” 🙂

New work


I desperately keep making the base of new painting. I’m suffering with stiff neck due to consecutive detailed work. However I make an effort because it’d become easy after this phase completes.

Modification 変更

このサイトのホームに以前は絵を載せてましたが、Gallery と重複してたのでArtist Statement に変えてみました。自分が絵を描く理由、動機なんかを客観的に述べてます。それから、ギャラリー内の絵を密かに?少しずつ増やしてます。

I changed a content of Home in this site from Works to Artist Statement because of duplication with contents of Gallery. I objectively wrote the motivation and reason why I draw paintings. And works is increasing secretly in Gallery little by little.



An art classmate gave me a plant named Diplocyclos palmatus, and I did sketch that after a long time. It’s cute but strange. Btw it’s a poisonous one so that we can’t eat it.


Short trip

家族で出雲へ旅行に行きました。風邪が旅行効果か治ってきて良かったー。島根県に生まれて初めて行ったのですが風光明媚な良い所でした^ ^

I went to Izumo with family. Coming there was a first experience in my life. It was a very scenic area. Btw my cold was cured while traveling. Lucky 🙂

A summer cold


I caught a summer cold. The symptoms are sore throat, headache, and malaise. That’s a cold. Probably the cause that I was wearing light clothes in a cool room by air conditioner because of heat like a midsummer:( I hope cool season will come soon!

Doodle: it doesn’t make sense



My old piano made by YAMAHA which is mom’s hand-me-down is giving overhaul due to deterioration. Seems that it takes a half year. A tuner said we should not abandon it absolutely because the main parts wooden piano is a rare thing nowadays. The sounds of alternative piano using many metals are tinkling 🙁