Artist in Residence への参加が決まりました。場所はベルリンで1月から3月までの3ヶ月間。期間の最後にはグループ展にて絵が展示されます。色んな国を検討したけど中々難しくて、漸く受け入れてくれる所が決まって嬉しいです^ ^ちゃんと制作出来るかドキドキですが楽しんで来ようと思います!まずは英語の勉強からです^_^

It was decided that I’ll join the “Artist in Residence” at Berlin from January to March. In the end of the term, a group exhibition will be held there. I sought some worldwide residency programs which could accept me , but it was difficult due to over the application deadline or full. So I was very happy to find there at last 🙂 I wanna enjoy this experience! I have to learn English more, anyway:p

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