YouTube channel


I made a YouTube channel with videos regarding with my works and production process. I wanted to put a link to a video of the making process in my presentation slideshow, so I decided to use YouTube as an archive. I’m only uploading short videos now, but I’d be happy if I could post longer production scenes in the future. But I don’t know whether it’s possible or not because I’m always using my all concentrations for painting. However, one of the purposes of my art is to contribute to the spread of beautiful Japanese culture to the world, so it’d be ideal if I could use this channel for that purpose.



I’m currently using PowerPoint to create presentation materials. When I was summarizing the transition of my paintings from illustration to the current work, I could realize that how I explored my original art theme and continued to create various works. This trial and error is not just for me, I think it’s common for almost all artists, but it took me a long time to arrive at the theme of “music”. Come to think of it, I have spent most of my life playing the piano rather than painting. So now that painting and music are connected in me, I feel like I’ve finally grasped something definite.



I just finished a new work and uploaded it in the gallery. In January, I went to a chorus group concert that my friend’s daughter belongs to, and I expressed the impression of their beautiful harmony in Japanese painting art. A wide variety of flowers represent the chorus members. And I imagined that the vibrations created by the sound of their voices resonate and spread around. I’d be happy if the beauty of harmony could be reproduced in the picture:)