旅行の行き先はRügenというバルト海に面した島にしようと思っています。友人の1人がこの島出身で最近そこの写真を見せてくれたのですが、超美しくて行きたくなりました。別の友達からも同じくお勧めと言われてたのでgood coincidenceです^ ^久々の旅ワクワク☆

I’m planning to travel to Rügen, an island facing the Baltic Sea. One of my friends was from this island and recently showed me a picture of it, which was super beautiful. It’s a good coincidence because another friend said Rügen was amazing. I’m excited about my trip after a long time:)



Today I did an installation of the paintings at the cafe. Every time I install them, I feel that deciding the arrangement of the pictures and adjusting the intervals are difficult tasks. But also I’m happy if I manage to fit it in the space. And today I unpacked the biggest work, resonance, for the first time in a while, but I also found a small mineral pigment peeling off. Very shocking. I’m going to make an emergency repair tomorrow, but I still have to research how to handle new materials and compatibility between painting materials once again in preparation for the future.

Invitation card

招待状が完成したのでSNSに載せました。そして今気づいたのですが木曜日(Donnerstag)の綴りが間違っている!!まあ仕方ないので諦めます😅今は展示に向けて準備中です。楽しみです^ ^

The invitation card was completed and I posted it on SNS. But I just realized that I mistook the spelling of Donnerstag. OMG!! I gave up it’s unavoidable, anyways… Now I’m preparing for something towards exhibition. Looking forward to next Thursday:)