Plum blossom

京都に梅を見に行きました。とてもとても美しく素晴らしい景観でした。何度も京都に行っていますが飽きる事は無く、毎回違う楽しみと発見があります。近頃絵のインスピレーションが湧かないのと語学の勉強に時間を割いているので制作が進んでなかったのですが、この京都散策のお陰で閃きが降りてきました。京都は良い^ ^

Visited Kyoto to see plum blossoms. It was really really beautiful and amazing scenery. Quite a few times I come to Kyoto but never get bored, there are different fun and discovery each time. Recently the progress of making work was slow because of lack of inspiration and spending a lot of time to study languages. But thanks to the walking around Kyoto, new inspiration came down to me. Love Kyoto:)



I feel that my understanding of German has improved slightly compared to last year. Happy! When I studied it previous year, I was suffering from headache due to its depth, but now I have no headache while learning lol. However I am frustrated by the many variations of each word…I have no choice but to get used to it.

My cat

愛猫チョビの素敵な写真を見つけました。彼女は既に亡くなりましたがいつ見ても可愛すぎる猫です🥰 彼女が今もまだ生きていてくれたらなぁと時々思います。最近は特にそう思います。

Found out the one of the best Chobi’s shots. She’s already passed away, but toooo cute anytime:) Sometimes I wish she was still alive. I think so especially these days.

Sie heißt Chobi, sehr süß.

Target level

まず英語の目標レベルは原稿なしで10分程度のスピーチが出来る様になる事(個展の時とかの挨拶)。語彙力の強化、正確な文法マスターが課題です。ドイツ語に至っては今は2歳児位のレベルなので、簡単な会話が出来る程度にはなりたい。ちなみにドイツ語も英語も短文のリスニングとディクテーションが中々楽しい^ ^

My target level of English is to be able to give a speech for about 10 minutes without manuscript (at my exhibition or something). So I need to increase the number of vocabulary and master the accurate grammar. When it comes to German, my current learning level is like a 2-year-old baby. I wanna be able to do easy conversation. Btw in both languages, it’s fun to listen to and dictate short sentences:)