Unknown Asia 終了しました。色々な方と知り合えて有意義な三日間になりました。その一方で、絵の配置の仕方、絵の統一感などが人目を惹く大事な要素だという事を知れて勉強になりました。それから、私の日本画を見たお客さんの方から『強さの中に優しさを感じる』と言ってもらえて感動しました。ずっと立っぱなしでめちゃ疲れたのでゆっくり休みます(-_-)zzz

Unknown Asia is over. They were meaningful days to be able to meet a lot of people. On the other side, I learned what’s the most impressive arrangement for works and unifying the theme of works would be important element to attract attention. I was moved by a comment from an observer who said I felt the gentleness and the strength from your Japanese style painting. I’ll take a rest for a while because of exhaustion 😴

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