To the UK


This fall, I decided to go to England to visit my friends. They are currently moving around the UK, but they’ll return to their home country New Zealand in November. Since they are travelers, I don’t know when I’ll be able to meet them again, so I wanna meet them now. And at the same time, one of my favorite pianist, Nobuyuki Tsujii, will have a concert in England, so I definitely want to go to his performance. I’ll plan where else to go later. Can’t wait!

Oh happy day ♪

今日は絵の代金の一部を受け取りました。自分の絵が売れる事は本当に嬉しい事です!そしてまた来年も展示させてくれるそうです☆カフェのオーナーさんは超良い人で私は彼女と知り合えてなんて幸運だろうと心から思います。彼女のお店に来るお客さん達も素晴らしい人ばかりで、お店が縁で沢山の素敵な出会いがありました。これからも出会えた皆との関係を大事にしたいです^ ^

Today I received part of the payment for the painting. I’m really happy to sell my paintings! And seems that I can exhibit next year again. The owner of the cafe is a super nice person and I truly consider myself lucky to have known her. The customers who come to her shop are all amazing people, and there were many wonderful encounters through this place. I wanna continue to cherish the relationships with everyone I met there😊

Happy news


My solo exhibition at the cafe, which I had been exhibiting for a very long time, ended yesterday, and I am happy to say that the painting sold. The reason why I started studying English in earnest was because when I started learning Japanese painting, I vaguely dreamed of exhibiting and selling my works overseas. I was able to achieve that goal this time. Recently, I’ve been creating art that is conscious of Japanese style, and although it’s a Japanese painting, it also incorporates elements of traditional crafts. It’s a fusion of homage to a respecting Japanese traditional craftsman and the originality of my art. My current goal is to spread this art that combines Japanese culture with a positive message to the world. It’s a magnificent goal somehow, but I’ll do my best.


先日スーパーからアパートに帰って来た時、中庭の通路で何か蠢いていたので避けてよく見るとカタツムリが這っていました。中庭にある子供用の砂場にももう一匹いてびっくり。普段は周りの茂みに住んでるのかもしれませんが、都会でカタツムリに出会えてホッコリしました^ ^

The other day, when I came back to my apartment from supermarket, something was wriggling in the passage of the courtyard, so I avoided it and looked closely, and there was a snail crawling. Also, I was surprised to see another one in the sandbox for children there. They may usually live in the surrounding bushes, but for me, it was heartwarming to meet snails in the city 🙂

4 major elements

今四大元素をテーマにした作品を制作しています。今回は25x100cm位の長方形の板の両面に絵を描いてます。この素材は近所のホームセンターでたまたま売ってたお買い得の板切れです。片面には火のテーマ、もう片面は水のテーマです。土と風のテーマは次に作る予定です。いつも突然インスピレーションを得るので、なぜ四元素を表現することにしたのか、まだ明確な答えは出ていません。 大抵作品が完成してから答えを得ることが多いです。取り敢えず、火のような情熱を持ち、水のように清廉潔白で、大地のように暖かく、風のように自由な、そういう人間性を獲得出来たら素敵だなと思いました。

Just now I’m making new work themed 4 major elements. This time, I draw pictures on both sides of a rectangular board of about 25x100cm. This material is a bargain board sold at a nearby home center by chance. One side has a fire theme and the other side has a water theme. The earth and wind theme will be made next. I still don’t have a clear answer as to why I chose to express these elements, because I always get inspiration suddenly. I mostly get the answer after the work is completed. Anyways, I thought it would be wonderful if I could have a humanity such as a passion like fire, a purity like water, a warmth like the earth, and a freedom like the wind.

Summer cold

どうやら夏風邪?を引きました。2日前に傷みかけたご飯を食べてお腹の調子が悪くなってから、昨日今日と少し微熱です。ご飯の匂いは問題なかったのですが料理したら味が微妙でした…でもその時とても空腹で新たに作り直すのが面倒だったので”美味しくないわ”と思いつつも完食しました。傷んだ物は食べない方が良いですね笑。これからは気をつけます。(追伸: 近頃お気に入りのパフォーマンス”Wiggle Wine”を観て一緒に踊ると大分元気になりました^ ^)

Apparently, I caught a summer cold (?). Two days ago, I ate rice that was about to spoil and my belly got sick, I got a slight fever from yesterday. The smell of rice was no problem but the taste of it was not good after cooking…but I was so hungry at that time and it was troublesome to cook again, so I ate it all while feeling bad tastes. It’s better to not to eat rotten food lol. I’ll be careful from now on. (P.S. I got fine after watching my recent favorite performance “Wiggle Wine” while dancing together:))

4 seasons


The cubed work “four seasons series” was all completed. This work expresses the beauty of changes in flora and fauna as the seasons change, as well as changes in the colors of the sea, sky, and nature. Nature always reminds us of the beauty of this world. Nowadays, many incidents that make us pessimistic happen and shock our hearts. At such times, the beauty of nature and beautiful things such as music and art heals our heart. And I feel that trivial things that can not be visualized such as people’s kindness and virtues actually save us a lot. What I can do is express beauty through art, so if people who see my art will feel a little happiness, I’d be so happy😊

Good news


My sharemates, who were attending an artist-in-residence in Berlin two years ago, returned to Berlin from London yesterday. I’ll meet them for the first time in two years. Really looking forward to seeing them, super!!


今カフェで開催中の個展は7月末で終了する事になりそうです。半年近く展示させてもらえてありがたき幸せでした。次の展示の予定は未定ですが、何か決まれば嬉しいです。数日前からキューブの日本画”秋”の制作を始めました。今回は作業過程を動画と写真に収めようと思います。どうやら細かすぎて一見すると絵に見え難いみたいなので撮影した方が良いのかなと思いました。自分で作っておいてなんですが、相当手間のかかる作品なんです、このキューブは…でも楽しくもあります^ ^

The solo exhibition currently being held at the cafe is likely to end at the end of July. I was very happy to be able to exhibit it for almost half a year. The schedule for the next exhibition is undecided, but I’d be happy if something was decided. Few days ago, I started to make a new cubed work “Autumn”. This time I’ll record the work process in videos and photos. At first glance, seems that it doesn’t look like a painting because it’s too detailed, so I think it would be better to shoot it. I decided its design by myself , but it’s a work that takes a lot of time to make, how hard it is… but it’s also fun:)



440Hz is standard for modern pianos, but my piano has a setting of 415Hz, which is a semitone lower. Until today I haven’t noticed that it’s a semitone lower because I don’t have perfect pitch:p The tuner told me that if I set it to 440Hz, the strings could break, so it may be that the piano was originally made at 415Hz and was maintained it for a long period. The standard pitch in the Baroque era is 415Hz, but my piano is maybe not so old. However, the era from Bach to Debussy, they are generally composed in classical tunes, and 415Hz seems to be suitable for playing their songs beautifully. I started reading Tchaikovsky’s songs last week, I’ll do my best to practice so that I can play it beautifully.