Just now I’m in Liverpool, England. Last night, I went to listen to Nobuyuki Tsujii’s long-awaited piano performance. The program was Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor”. His play was really fabulous beyond description, but I daresay that his sounds were astonishingly colorful. His timbre was one and only, not a single sound wasted, and the ensemble with the orchestra was great. The 2nd movement of Pathetique Sonata that he played for the encore was so beautiful that I cried. If I have another chance, I definitely want to go to his concert. Once again, I realized that my art is based on music. I’ll continue to create works that fuse music and art.



Finally, my new work was completed. The attempt to draw on both sides of the board was more difficult than I thought. 1mx20cm isn’t that big for one side, but actually it could be a big-sized work for both sides plus a side. Fire and water are opposite elements, but they are essential from the point of view of life. Therefore, the belt part with silver leaf is circling so that the flow of life is connected to both fire and water. In the music ensemble, various instruments gather to play songs and wrap the place with a sense of unity. I got a hint from there and titled it “Ensemble”. There are many conflicting structures in this world, and many of them are fighting under dualism. I think it’d be nice if we could accept conflicting things like an ensemble in the future.


先日、バンドネオン(アコーディオンの仲間)の演奏者のスケッチをしました。友人がそのスケッチをとても気に入り、自分の友人(アコーディオンが趣味)への誕生日プレゼントとして買ってくれる事になりました。とても有り難き幸せです^ ^余談ですが音楽のアンサンブルってとても素敵だなと最近富に思います。将来5人組の室内楽グループを作ってシューマンのピアノ五重奏曲を演奏するのが夢です。

The other day, I did a sketch of a Bandoneon( a group of the accordion) player. My friend liked this sketch so much that she’ll buy it from me as a birthday present for her friend (who likes to play the accordion). I’m very grateful and happy:) As an aside, recently I think that music ensembles are really amazing. My dream is to form a chamber music group of five in the future and perform Schumann’s piano quintet.