Group exhibition


It wad decided that I will participate in a group exhibition that’ll be held at the end of next month. Also, I’ll play the piano on the opening day. I’ll post as soon as I have more details. Since many artists will participate, only a few small pieces can be exhibited. It’s better to reschedule that prioritizing the completion of Elster’s painting over the custom-made work, so that Elster could be exhibited.



The canvas for the custom-made work was ready, so I applied the Dosa on it today. Dosa is like a coating agent that is applied to a base material such as Japanese paper or cloth so that Japanese painting materials can be firmly fixed to the base material. The ingredients are alum, animal glue and water. Alum cross-links the protein, which is the main component of animal glue, to form a film on the base material. It’s been a long time to do this process since I almost used wooden board as base material recently.



I found out the name of the bird that built a nest in front of my house is a magpie (Elster in German). I just wanted to draw a picture of a bird, so I chose this bird as a motif of new work. I am looking forward to expressing the beautiful blue feathers in a Japanese painting. Btw this is a medium-sized painting that I plan to make at the same time as the custom-made work.

German art law


I have successfully signed a contract with the customer for a custom-made painting. I’m so happy! This time, in the process of creating a contract, I needed to research German art law, above all, copyright law. It seems that in Germany it’s impossible to transfer the copyright from creators to the third party, except by inheritance. Now, I’m about to start working on it. Because it’s a large size, the production period will probably be one and a half to two months. I would like to enjoy making it so that the customer will be satisfied.🙂



I visited a lake, Hellsee. It was so beautiful🍀I was moved by the fact that there is such a rich nature so close to the center of Berlin. By the way, the day before yesterday, a beautiful bird (I don’t know the name) that I often see in the park made a nest in the roadside tree in front of my apartment. It makes me happy to see this bird from time to time while working on the painting.