Need amendment 要修正

英語の先生にartist statement を見て貰ったら死ぬ程赤チェック入りました。内容が抽象的すぎるという事です。そして英文はそもそも結論が先に来て後からその説明を述べるんですね。文の構成自体が日本文(起承転結)とは違うという初歩的な事を理解してなかった。。

My English teacher checked my artist statement and he amended many sentences. He said it was abstract too much. And , in English, seems that the conclusion is written at first , and then, written about its content. I didn’t understand the rudimentary things that the sentence structure between English and Japanese is different. Oh…

Finish reading 読了

ついにハリーポッター5冊目が読めました。半年かそれ以上かかりました。日本語ではないので仕方ないかもしれないけど、もう少し早く読めるようになりたい。もう次の6冊目が控えてます^ ^

At last, I finished reading Harry Potter “and the Order of the Phoenix” .  it took a half year or more than that. It might be unavoidable to read with slow pace because of written by English,  but i wanna up speed more :p “And the Half-blood Prince “ is next one!

Unknown Asia 2019


タイトル: Unknown Asia art exchange Osaka 2019

日時: 10.26th_Sat 10:00-20:00 // 10.27th_Sun 9:30-17:30

会場: グランフロント大阪 ナレッジキャピタル コングレコンベンションセンター(北館B2F)

I’ll join an art fair at Osaka in October.

TITLE: Unknown Asia art exchange Osaka 2019

Terms : 10.26th_Sat 10:00-20:00 // 10.27th_Sun 9:30-17:30

Venue: Second basement, North Building, Grand Front Osaka

Artist statement

今後の絵の活動において、とある計画があり、その必要性からartist statement ( 和訳知らない)を書いてます。自分の絵を体系的に整理して明文化するという作業。なかなか大変だけどバラバラだった創作に一本の柱が通った様で面白い。

As a future activity of art, I make some plans that submittal about an artist statement is required. It needs to organize my works systematically and write it down precisely. It’s a tough work but it’s interesting as though I could get a firm pillar for all art pieces:)

Terrible handwriting…

Old works 昔の作品


I found my old works(doodle) which I drew before going illustration school. I often drew this character having afro hair. Though my painting changed a lot, a motivation that I wanna make fun for those who watch my artworks doesn’t change , I reaffirmed:)

The theory of the art 美術論


An owner of the gallery lent me a literature about the theory of the art. He said i should learn about that more. It’s difficult to say that it’s interesting for me. Interpreting the art theoretically is not suitable for me:(

Latest illustration

個展には間に合わなかったけど、新しい作品が仕上がりました。ペンギンが描きたかったのです。空が海かどちらにも見えたら幸いです。題名はインスタで決を採った所、messenger になりました(^ν^)

I drew new illustration although it couldn’t be on display at this exhibition due to no making it in time. I wanted to draw penguins. I’d be happy if a blue part looked like both sea and sky. Btw I titled it “Messenger “ , as a result of voting on instagram:)



Second exhibition started. A number of visitors were by no means many but I was happy that not only my friends and acquaintances but also inhabitants living in Takamiya came to see. I’ll make an effort to endure the heat, remaining of 6 days:)