Gruppenausstellung in 48 Stunden Neukölln.
<Datum> Von 23. Juni (Freitag) um 19Uhr- Bis 25. Juni (Sonntag) um 19Uhr.
<Ort> Kunstraum Reuter, Reuterstraße 82, 12053 Berlin.
<Kurator> Gabriel Nicolae

Initialization 2 *notice


Regarding the initialization of LINE, I tried to contact my family in Japan using a new account, but they said that they couldn’t receive the message from me. So my LINE App doesn’t work totally. If you are LINE users and have a message to me, please use the message form on this website or via another SNS.



I don’t know the cause, but a few days ago, many of the apps installed on my phone were initialized. Among them, in the SNS application LINE, all history and contacts disappeared.