Preparation period

この数ヶ月間、立て続けに大きな絵を3作描き、合間にイラスト描いてと自分で思う以上に絵にエネルギーを使ってた様で痩せたと言われました(*_*)ドイツ出発までの2カ月間は小品を描いて小休止。あとは体力作りして向こうで病気しない様にしたいです。武田真治の筋肉体操します^ ^

I drew three big works continuously for six months and drew some illustration during making above works, and friends whom I met them after a few months said you look thinner than before. Oh… That’s because I consumed big energy for drawing probably. For 2 months until departure, I’ll make small sized works for break and do physical fitness in order to prevent me from illness at Berlin:)


Unknown Asia 終了しました。色々な方と知り合えて有意義な三日間になりました。その一方で、絵の配置の仕方、絵の統一感などが人目を惹く大事な要素だという事を知れて勉強になりました。それから、私の日本画を見たお客さんの方から『強さの中に優しさを感じる』と言ってもらえて感動しました。ずっと立っぱなしでめちゃ疲れたのでゆっくり休みます(-_-)zzz

Unknown Asia is over. They were meaningful days to be able to meet a lot of people. On the other side, I learned what’s the most impressive arrangement for works and unifying the theme of works would be important element to attract attention. I was moved by a comment from an observer who said I felt the gentleness and the strength from your Japanese style painting. I’ll take a rest for a while because of exhaustion 😴

Muscle training

5月末に自転車で転んで右肩を強打したんですが、その後遺症でずっと右上腕に違和感があってでも放置してました。漸く病院行ったら、肩関節内部の損傷で治る事は無いから筋トレで筋肉を補強するしかないと言われました(*´-`)えー… そんな訳で腕立てが日課になりそうです!

In the end of May, I fell down from bike and bumped my right shoulder strongly. Although I always felt the pain in the right upper arm due to sequelae, I had ignored that. At last I went to a clinic. A doctor said the cause of pain is a damage inside the shoulder joint and never heal that. So I have to do muscle training for muscle reinforcement around shoulder. Wow! Therefore, push up becomes my daily routine!!


Artist in Residence への参加が決まりました。場所はベルリンで1月から3月までの3ヶ月間。期間の最後にはグループ展にて絵が展示されます。色んな国を検討したけど中々難しくて、漸く受け入れてくれる所が決まって嬉しいです^ ^ちゃんと制作出来るかドキドキですが楽しんで来ようと思います!まずは英語の勉強からです^_^

It was decided that I’ll join the “Artist in Residence” at Berlin from January to March. In the end of the term, a group exhibition will be held there. I sought some worldwide residency programs which could accept me , but it was difficult due to over the application deadline or full. So I was very happy to find there at last 🙂 I wanna enjoy this experience! I have to learn English more, anyway:p

Washing 洗い

洗いという手法を初めて用いました。黒い岩絵の具で絵を塗り潰して乾かしてから、再び水で絵の具を洗い流します。何という絵具の無駄遣い 笑(筆洗いに残った絵具は再利用します) 。でもこんなに渋くなったのでやって良かった。ただ全体をどうまとめるか悩みどころ。。

I tried doing a new method named “Washing”. At first I painted out a surface of work by black rock paints , and washed away these paints after drying. What a waste of paints! (The paint remaining in the brush wash will be reused, though). I’m satisfied with this cool outcome, but I don’t know whether it’ll be in harmony among the whole painting.



I tried using a paint roller for the first time . I used mat mediums instead of natural glues because I thought the adhesion of rock paints might decrease due to friction with roller. As a result it’d be fine. I must do this method a lot in future:)