German language (Deutsch)

レジデンス中に習う予定のドイツ語がどういった内容か予測がつかないので、基礎から学ぼうと文法書と単語集を買いました。フレーズだけ習得するのも良いけど、基礎を勉強すると理論的に理解できて良いです。動詞の変化系の多さにはビビりますが、新たな事を学ぶのは楽しいです^ ^しかし受験生の如く語学を勉強し過ぎて頭が痛い…

I purchased textbooks about German grammar and vocabulary at second hand store to learn basics because I can’t predict the contents of German class during my residency program. Although It’s not bad to memorize only phrases, it efficient to study basics because of getting theoretical understanding. I’m surprised that the variations of verb are too much, though. It’s so fun to learn about new things 🙂 I have a headache to study hard like a student before test 😅



Various people gave me some opinions with bad or good about my works while displaying. When I think about that deeply, I tend to suspend drawing and lose my way about direction of works. It’s by no means easy to manage myself, and drawing is surely solitary work. But I love drawing after all, and I’m relieved while facing paintings. I wanna be a painter of principle and having objectivity.

Crocodile 🐊

Size of works


I started to prepare for drawing small sized work, but I couldn’t do that well even a draft because, probably, I kept drawing big sized ones. Now I’m under consideration that which size of work is suitable for me. The reason why I changed painting style from watercolor to Japanese style painting that I was drawn to big sized works which have huge power, and also it’s my origin. However, after finishing to draw a small sized work, I should judge my suitable size:)


イギリスのクラシックフェス、BBCプロムスJAPANを聴きに行きました。オーケストラは生演奏に限ります。音の推移とか渦とか調和、全てが素晴らしかった。演目はメンデルスゾーン序曲、チャイコフスキーのピアノ協奏曲1、マーラーの交響曲5番でした。全部良かったけど、私自身がピアノ弾くのでピアノ協奏曲により惹かれました。軽やかで華やかな演奏でした。ベルリンフィル、絶対レジデンス中に行きたいと思ってます^ ^

I enjoyed BBC proms Japan from classic fest in England. Everyone definitely has to listen to orchestras live because you can enjoy the fluctuation, vortex and vibration of sounds. The playlist was Overture by Mendelssohn, Piano concerto 1 by Tchaikovsky and Symphony 5 by Mahler. Although all play was amazing, I was especially drawn to Piano concerto because it was gorgeous performance and also I love playing the piano. I wanna listen to play by Berlin philharmonic during my residence there 🙂