Temari 2


Finally Temari was completed, I uploaded them at the gallery in this site. I likened temari’s sphere to the earth, and a migratory fish is swimming on the surface of it. For me, this fish is a symbol of the freedom because there’re many inconveniences nowadays…lol. I gave auspicious words as a subtitle to each work in the hope that fortune will come to those who take it in one’s hand. The starting date of the exhibition was decided on 17th February, I’ll exhibit them at that time. If you’ll come to see actually, I’d be happy 😊


今日母から荷物が届きました。その中に母が作った着物の端切れで作ったコースターを一緒に入れてもらいました。何故なら今作ってる日本画材製手毬の展示に使いたかったからです。手毬の方はまだ未完成ですが乗せてみたらめっちゃ可愛い☆完成まであともう一息頑張ります^ ^

Today I received a package from my mom. I begged her to send me coasters she made using fragments of kimono, because I wanna exhibit my latest work “temari” made by Japanese painting materials with her coasters. Although temari doesn’t complete yet, the combination of them is so cute 🥰 I’ll do my best till it’s completed:)

Clear concept 2

先日、コンセプトを再定義して教会のイベント担当者に3人の参加アーティストの履歴書やポートフォリオを添えて提出しました。このグループ展がうまく進捗するように願います。再定義したコンセプトはこんな感じです。→ 私は長らく社会におけるアートの役割について考えてきました。古くは宗教と絵画の密接な関係があり、美しい風景や人々の生活を映した牧歌的なもの、また社会風刺や戦争礼賛を題材とした絵画も生まれ、時代の変化と共にアートに求められる役割も変わってきました。では今我々はどういう時代の中にいるのでしょうか?恐らくかつての時代と比較すると、とても複雑で全体を把握することが困難で何が真実なのか判断することが容易ではない状況の中で生きています。そういった状況に加えて様々な出来事が絶え間なく起こることで、個々の中には不安、恐怖、不満といったネガティブな感情が生まれ、社会全体へ波及してそれらは停滞し蓄積していきます。ではどうすればそういったネガティブなものを減らしたり取り去ることができるのか。それは個人個人がポジティブなものに起因する感情を自分の中に循環させる事と私たちは考えます。我々のグループ展では各作家が、この社会に循環させたいポジティブなものをテーマとして作品を制作発表し、観察者に提案します。個々人がポジティブな意識を持ち自分の中で循環させると必ずそれが近しい人にもポジティブな影響を与えます。そしてそれが更に波紋が伝わるように広がっていくことでしょう。政治や法律といった大きなものを変えることで社会を良くすることも大事ですが、個々人の意識という小さい単位のものの変化から社会を良くしていく事もきっと出来るはずです。人々の意識にポジティブな一石を投じるのが我々のアートの役割だと考えています。  以上。

The other day, I redefined the concept and submitted it to the church event manager along with the CV and portfolios of the three participating artists. I hope this group exhibition progresses well. The redefined concept is below. → I have been thinking about the role of art in society for a long time. In ancient times, there was a close relationship between religion and painting, and then idylic paintings that reflected beautiful landscapes and people’s lives, as well as paintings on the subject of social satire and war praise were born. Thus, the role required of art has changed with the changing times. So what kind of era are we in now? Perhaps, comparing to the past, we live in a situation that is very complex, difficult to grasp entireness, and difficult to determine what is true. In addition to these situations, the constant occurrence of various events creates negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, and dissatisfaction within individuals, which spread to society as a whole and are stagnant and accumulating. So how can we reduce or eliminate those negatives? We think that it is an individual’s circulation of feelings caused by positive consciousness in yourself. In our group exhibition, each artist creates and presents works on the theme of positive things that we want to circulate in this society, and proposes them to observers. Whenever an individual has a positive consciousness and circulates within himself / herself, it has a positive effect on those who are close to them. And it will expand further like the spread of ripples. It is important to improve society by changing big things such as politics and law, but it should be possible to improve society by changing small units such as individual consciousness. We believe that it is the role of art needed in this era to make a positive wave on people’s consciousness.

Clear concept

先週早速、近所の教会に出向いてグループ展を開催出来るか聞いて来ましたが、そこは6月から改修工事が始まるし5月まで既に展示の予約が埋まってるとの事でした。そんな訳でベルリンの教会における文化的イベントを取りまとめる担当者に連絡した所、明確なコンセプトの提出を求められたので現在それを準備中です。今は2月から始まる展示に向けて作品制作に追われているので、正直めちゃ忙しいのですが、グループ展の方も早くしないと予約が埋まってしまいそうなので書類作りに尽力します。上手く行きますように^ ^

Last week, I immediately went to a church in the neighborhood and asked to a father of the church whether I could hold a group exhibition, but he said that the renovation work would start from June and the exhibition reservations were already filled up until May. That’s why I contacted the person in charge of organizing a cultural event at a church in Berlin and was asked to submit a clear concept, so I’m preparing it now. Simultaneously, I’m making works towards the exhibition starting in February, so I’m really busy, but I’ll do my best to make documents because the reservations for the group exhibition will be filled up if I don’t do it early. Hope everything goes good:)



I decided to curate by myself the “Positive art exhibition” I mentioned since last year. In short, l do all the planning and execution myself. The idea that I already have so far is to hold it at the church around the spring after April, and this time the members are three artists including myself. Our common concept is “Circulation”. That’s because, this is my subjectivity, but in today’s society, various negative factors such as anxiety, dissatisfaction, fear etc are stagnant and accumulated. My desire is to circulate positive elements and flow away the stagnation. Each artists can decide the own concrete theme what things you wanna let it circulate. In case of me, probably it would be “Circulation of warm relationships” between everyone. From now on, I’ll act concretely:)


今日はWi-Fiの設置が完了し、ネットが使えるようになりました。今週は荷物の移動や買い出しと忙しい1週間でしたが漸く引っ越し作業が落ち着きました。そして久々に会ったアーティストの友人にポジティブアートへの参加を提案したら物凄く賛同してくれて、よりこの企画の実現が見えて来ました。彼女と話していて、自分自身がキュレーターとして計画を立てて行くのも楽しいかもしれないな〜と感じました^ ^

Today the installation of WLAN was finished and I could use the Wifi in my room. This week I was really busy because of moving all belongings and buying something, but finally the works of move settled down. Btw, when I proposed to a friend of the artist I met after a long time to participate in positive art, she tremendously agreed with me, and I could see the realization of this project. While talking to her, I felt that it might be fun to make detailed plans if I curate that by myself^ ^

New year

早いものでドイツに戻ってから半年が経ちました。日本からドイツへの移動も含めると半年の間に5回も引っ越しをしました笑。必然的に物を増やさない生活となり、生活必需品以外は無くても何とかなるという事を悟りました。もしくは欲しい物は作れば良いです。例えば音楽は私にとって重要だけど自分で奏でる方が楽しいのでオーディオ機器よりもピアノを選びます。今後の生活がどう展開するのか未知数だけど今のスタンスは変わらない気がします。さて今年の抱負はまずドイツ語の勉強を頑張る事です。時間配分が苦手なので作品作りに集中し始めると勉強が疎かになり、中々語学が上達しません。なので語学学習と作品制作を両立させたいです。そしてドイツでアーティストとしての仕事をしっかり確立する事、人との繋がりを大切にする事が目標です。時々息抜きしつつ頑張ります^ ^

It’s already been half a year since I returned to Germany. Including the move from Japan to Germany, I moved 5 times in this period lol. I inevitably realized that I would have a life without increasing stuffs, and that I could live without anything other than daily necessities. Or I can make what I want. For example, music is important to me, but it’s more fun to play it myself, so I choose the piano over audio equipment. I don’t know how my life will develop from now on, but I feel that my current stance won’t change. Now, this year’s aspiration is to study German more. I’m not good at allocating time, so if I start to concentrate on making works, my studies will be neglected and my language skills won’t improve. So I want to balance language learning and work production. And my goal is to firmly establish my job as an artist in Germany and to value the relationship with people. I’ll do my best while taking a break from time to time 🙂