A week

ドイツに来て1週間経ちました。日々めっちゃ楽しく過ごしてます。昨日から週一回のドイツ語クラスとクロッキークラスが始まり、これまた楽しいです^^ 木製パネルも金曜日に手に入るみたいで一安心。日本で買うのより相当高いけど!

Since arrived at Germany, a week passed. I spend a really fun time every day. From yesterday German class and drawing class started (once a week). Seems that my wooden panel will be delivered on Friday , so I’m relieved:) But it’s so expensive than I buy it in Japan!

Life in Berlin


It passed three days since I arrived at Berlin. I couldn’t update this website for a while on account of a security’s problem. Now I’m in trouble to not get wooden panel for work, although I want to start drawing:( Tomorrow for sure!

Day after tomorrow

いよいよ明後日が出発の日です。『人生はチョコレートの箱の様なもの、開けるまで分からない』フォレストガンプ より。という事で新たな扉を開いて来られたら、と思います^ ^

At last I’ll leave Japan day after tomorrow. “Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get” quoted from Forrest Gump. I wanna open the new gate for my life 🙂