Perhaps I’ll be giving a presentation at the Kunstsalon (a place where artists and musicians present their works and performances) in Neukölln in April. I’ll actually bring some works and explain their origins and production methods, etc. I’ll do my best to be able to show the new work I started making last week. Can’t wait!!

New statement

私のアートの方向性が随分と変わったのでArtist statementの内容も刷新しました。このウェブサイトのホーム画面に独語、英語、日本語で載せています。以前は世間や環境、状況に対して、作品のメッセージを通して問題提起する事はアーティストの社会的役割の一つだと思ってました。ただ私の場合は心境の変化を経て、色んな事象を遥か遠くから眺めるようになったら、作品を通して何かを訴える事は私のやりたい事ではないと気付きました。今は美しい作品によってお客さんが感動してくれたらただそれだけで満足です^ ^

Since the direction of my art has changed considerably, I have also renewed the content of my artist statement. It’s on the home screen of this website in German, English and Japanese. previously, I used to think that it was one of the artist’s social roles to pose problems to the world, the environment, and the situation through the message of the work. However, in my case, after the change of state of mind and seeing various phenomena from afar, I realized that appealing something through my work was not what I wanted to do. Right now, I’m just satisfied if observers are moved by my beautiful work 🙂



The work that took about two and a half months has finally been completed! It was fun to make, but at the same time it was really hard. First of all, the picture composition was difficult because I wanted to express how the flow of music spirals upwards from the beginning to the climax. I also paid attention to the color composition so that the painting wouldn’t be heavy even though I used a lot of motifs and colors. This work was born from the idea of ​​how to memorize the energy, realism, and excitement that can be felt from live performances that cannot be felt with recordings or videos. I flatter myself that this work is so beautiful. I’d be happy if the impression of music that I felt at that time was conveyed to those who saw this one.