Beginning (392X271mm ; 9/2019)
Messenger (392X271mm ;8/2019)
OASIS (370X271mm ;6/2019)
Flower Thief 花泥棒 (日本画) P60 ; 6/2019)
Drunkard (392X271mm ; 5/2019)
Apple is Mine (392X271mm ;3/2019)
瞬 The Moment (日本画) F20 ;11/2018
Rebirth (日本画) F50 ; 10/2018
Hang on? (日本画) F8
In the Amber (392X271mm)
Dakar Rally (392X271mm)
Shadow (392X271mm)
Image from “Tasogare Seibei” (392X271mm)
Tree house (392X271mm)
Image from “Anna Karinina” 2 (392X271mm)
Image from “Anna Karinina” (392X271mm)
We are Hungry (392X271mm)
Moderately (392X271mm)
image from ” The Black Cat” by Poe (370X271mm)
Homesick (392X271mm)
Vacation (392X271mm)
Starry Eyes (392X271mm)
Rescue (392X271mm)
Plan B (784X542mm)
Plan A (784X542mm)
Perfect Harmony ! (392X271mm)
Face to Face (392X271mm)
Dear Deer (392X271mm)
Start the Rain (392X271mm)
Shy Girl (392X271mm)
Fly me to the Moon (392X271mm)
Image from “OZ” (392X271mm)
Everlasting (392X271mm)
Image from “Cinderella” (392X271mm)
Image from “Cinderella”2 (392X271mm)
Image from “Cinderella”3 (392X271mm)
New year card 2015(190x130mm)
Eavesdropping (392X271mm)
ff (392X271mm)
Take it Off! (392X271mm)
Stop the Rain (392X271mm)
Envy (392X271mm)
Detour (392X271mm)
Turning Point (392X271mm)
CUT (190X130mm)
Chaos (392X271mm)
Midnight cafe (392X271mm)
Oh My Sounds (392X271mm)
Harvest Fest (392X271mm)
Free Radical (392X271mm)
Miss Universe (392X271mm)
Lullaby (392X271mm)
Whose Twitter (392X271mm)

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