About Me



Kindai university, bachelor of biology

Masa mode academy of Art (illustration)

Osaka art school (Japanese painting)


Shinsotsukaiten 13th, group exhibition, 2017, Kobe, Japan 

Sayo Watano soloexhibition1, 2019, Osaka, Japan 

Shinsotsukaiten 14th, group exhibition, 2019, Kobe, Japan 

Sayo Watano soloexhibition2, 2019, Hikone, Japan 

Unknown Asia, art fair, 2019, Osaka, Japan 

Beginning, solo exhibition, 2020, Berlin, ,Germany 

Synchronicity, group exhibition, 2020, Leipzig, Germany 

AT arts contemporary art exhibition, 2020, Azuchi, Japan

Ausserirdischer Luftgarten 104, 2021, Berlin, Germany

“Resonance”, Ausstellung 2022, Berlin, Germany  


Takt Berlin, 2020, Germany


Hazardous materials handler

Work chief of Specific chemical substance and tetraalkyl lead

Work chief of Organic solvent

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