Two years


Two years ago today, I had held my first solo exhibition at a small rental gallery in Osaka. This led to the encounter with many amazing people, which paved the way for art to me. Also one of this great relation led me to Germany, and it brought about meeting with good friends there. I praise myself that I took the courage to take the first step, and thank you for all encounters. It is the most precious and happy thing for me to expand the relationship with people across national borders through art. I would like to further enlarge and develop the relationship.

Wooden craft


A new work of Japanese painting I’ll make from now on is like a wooden craft. At this moment I’m not sure I’ll be able to assemble it properly and it’s uncertain it’ll be completed. I’m not good at three-dimensional work. But for me it’s more fun to attempt new things, so I’ll do try and error:) Btw I want an electric jigsaw recently…


友達と山登りしました。めちゃ寒くて頂上付近の湖が凍ってました。氷の塊を湖上に投げたらどこまで滑り続けるかという遊びにハマって主旨が山登りから氷投げに変わりました笑 久々の山登りだったので明日は筋肉痛間違いなしです^ ^

I went to mountain climbing with a friend today. The lake near the top was frozen due to quite cold. We were into the play of how long we would continue to slide if we threw a block of ice on the lake, and the purpose changed from mountain climbing to ice throwing beyond we knew it 🙂 It’s been a long time since I climbed, so tomorrow I’ll definitely have muscle pain.

A ball on the frozen lake

Happy new year

嬉しい事に、今日からドイツは日本人の入国規制を解除するそうです。在ドイツ日本大使館からメールが届きました。これでドイツに戻る計画を立てられます。happy new year!

Fortunately, seems that German government lifted immigration restrictions against Japanese from today. I got an email about that from Japan embassy in Germany before soon. I can make a plan to come back to Germany. Happy new year!