The canvas for the custom-made work was ready, so I applied the Dosa on it today. Dosa is like a coating agent that is applied to a base material such as Japanese paper or cloth so that Japanese painting materials can be firmly fixed to the base material. The ingredients are alum, animal glue and water. Alum cross-links the protein, which is the main component of animal glue, to form a film on the base material. It’s been a long time to do this process since I almost used wooden board as base material recently.



The work that took about two and a half months has finally been completed! It was fun to make, but at the same time it was really hard. First of all, the picture composition was difficult because I wanted to express how the flow of music spirals upwards from the beginning to the climax. I also paid attention to the color composition so that the painting wouldn’t be heavy even though I used a lot of motifs and colors. This work was born from the idea of ​​how to memorize the energy, realism, and excitement that can be felt from live performances that cannot be felt with recordings or videos. I flatter myself that this work is so beautiful. I’d be happy if the impression of music that I felt at that time was conveyed to those who saw this one.


今制作してる作品は以前書いた通り、音楽そのものを絵で表現しようと試みています。ヨーロッパで生まれたクラシック音楽と日本画(最近は和の工芸アートになりつつありますが)を融合する事は私にとっては自然な事です。それはやはり、私自身が幼少の頃からクラシックピアノを学んできて、私にとって最も身近な音楽がクラシック音楽だからです。そういう意味では、今回の作品は私の中にある音楽への想いと和の文化への想いが違和感なく繋がりました。又もや板の両面に描いてるので大変な作業ですが、楽しんで制作しています^ ^

As I wrote before, I am trying to express the music itself through painting. It’s natural for me to combine European classical music with my Japanese painting (which is becoming a Japanese craft art these days, though). This is because I myself have been studying classical piano since I was a child, and the music that is most familiar to me is classical music. In that sense, this work connects my passion for music and my passion for Japanese culture without Incompatibility. Actually it’s hard work because I’m drawing on both sides of the board again, but I enjoy to make it 🙂


立方体作品が完成しました。テーマは”春”です。色構成は川辺に咲く桜からイメージしました。きっとこの美しい景色は何万年も前から続いていていて、そして今後も末永く美を愛でられる季節が巡る事を願い主題を『無限』にしました。恐らくデザインと色を変えて夏秋冬バージョンも作る予定です^ ^

The cubed work was completed. Its theme is “spring”, and the color composition was inspired from cherry blossoms blooming on the riverside. I’m sure this beautiful scenery has been going on for tens of thousands of years, and I hope that the season of enjoying for beauty will continue for a long time, so I titled “infinity”. I’m probably planning to make a summer / autumn / winter version with different designs and colors:)



Today I did an installation of the paintings at the cafe. Every time I install them, I feel that deciding the arrangement of the pictures and adjusting the intervals are difficult tasks. But also I’m happy if I manage to fit it in the space. And today I unpacked the biggest work, resonance, for the first time in a while, but I also found a small mineral pigment peeling off. Very shocking. I’m going to make an emergency repair tomorrow, but I still have to research how to handle new materials and compatibility between painting materials once again in preparation for the future.

Temari 2


Finally Temari was completed, I uploaded them at the gallery in this site. I likened temari’s sphere to the earth, and a migratory fish is swimming on the surface of it. For me, this fish is a symbol of the freedom because there’re many inconveniences nowadays…lol. I gave auspicious words as a subtitle to each work in the hope that fortune will come to those who take it in one’s hand. The starting date of the exhibition was decided on 17th February, I’ll exhibit them at that time. If you’ll come to see actually, I’d be happy 😊


今日母から荷物が届きました。その中に母が作った着物の端切れで作ったコースターを一緒に入れてもらいました。何故なら今作ってる日本画材製手毬の展示に使いたかったからです。手毬の方はまだ未完成ですが乗せてみたらめっちゃ可愛い☆完成まであともう一息頑張ります^ ^

Today I received a package from my mom. I begged her to send me coasters she made using fragments of kimono, because I wanna exhibit my latest work “temari” made by Japanese painting materials with her coasters. Although temari doesn’t complete yet, the combination of them is so cute 🥰 I’ll do my best till it’s completed:)



Previously as I wrote on this post, now I’m making sphere’s works. Since I’ve been living in Germany, rather I’m strongly aware of how unique, elaborate and beautiful Japanese culture and traditional art are. Therefore, I wanted to make the sphere’s works with a stronger Japanese element, so I decided to draw a Temari pattern. The real thing of Temari is embroidery, but i challenge to make it with Japanese painting materials. I expect to exhibit it at following exhibition, I have to do my best:)

Wooden craft


A new work of Japanese painting I’ll make from now on is like a wooden craft. At this moment I’m not sure I’ll be able to assemble it properly and it’s uncertain it’ll be completed. I’m not good at three-dimensional work. But for me it’s more fun to attempt new things, so I’ll do try and error:) Btw I want an electric jigsaw recently…


新しい日本画の制作に取り掛かってます。8枚のA4サイズのボードを組み合わせて円形にして、連続した絵を描くという壮大な計画(?)の元、ただ今デザインを考えているのですが思いの外めちゃ難しくて試行錯誤してます。ドイツに来てからの日本画のテーマであるsound circle シリーズの集大成のつもり★

I’m making new works for Japanese painting. In my grand(?) plan, to paint a continuing picture on eight A4 boards arranged in a circle. I’m in under consideration about design of that and keep doing try and error, it’s so hard beyond my prediction. It would be a compilation of series “sound circle” that is a theme for Japanese painting since coming to Germany:)