Handmade seal

自分の名前の入った手作りの消しゴム判子を作りました。昨日から2日かけて完成させました。疲れた…こういう作業は没頭してしまいずっと同じ姿勢になるので関節をやられます。判子の出番が早く来ますように^ ^

I made a handmade rubber seal with my name. It took two days to make it from yesterday. I’m tired… This kind of work was so immersive that I was in the same posture all the time, so it hurted my joints. May the opportunity to use this seal come soon.

Matcha cake


One of my friends invited the birthday party, so I baked a matcha cake. The cake swelled well and was a success. But if it might be more modest sweetness, it’d be better because I like bitter taste. Hope they’ll be pleased:)

Cube art

ドイツに来てから少しずつ制作してた木工作品的日本画が漸く完成しました。これは立方体に、私が今住んでる地域の建物と生活範囲にあるモチーフを組み合わせた絵を描いた作品です。ついでに和を意識させるちぎり絵も入ってます。ドイツと日本の文化の融合を目指しました^ ^6面あるので写真撮影が難しい…SNSに動画をアップしてます。

At last Japanese painting craft art, which I’ve started making since coming to Germany, was completed. This is a painting work on a cube that combines the buildings in the area where I live and the motifs in the living area. Furthermore, I added the Chigiri-e which is Japanese traditional art. I aimed at the fusion of German and Japanese culture:) But it’s difficult to take a photo because it has six sides… I uploaded a movie on the SNS.

Matcha cookie

日曜はよくヨガを習いに行くのですが、ヨガマスターの人と友達なのでタダで教えてくれます。いつもありがたいのでお礼を兼ねて抹茶クッキー作りました。見た目は微妙だけど味は抹茶の苦味が効いてめっちゃ美味しい☆次は余った抹茶パウダーでケーキ作ろうと思います^ ^

I often go to yoga on Sunday, and a yoga master is my friend who teaches me it free of charge. I always feel gratitude, so made matcha cookies for her. The appearance of cookies is not good but its taste is super delicious with the bitter taste of matcha. I have a plan to bake a matcha cake using remaining of the matcha powder next time:)