今日からギターの練習始めました。シェアメイトからの借り物です。彼女はめちゃ上手!ピアノはギャラリーにあるので毎日は弾きにくい(徒歩30分)けどギターはいつでも弾けます^ ^私の大好きなBump of chicken のギターナンバー’everlasting lie’をマスターしたい。勿論弾き語りで。初心者なのに難しい曲に挑戦してるけど頑張る💪目標はブライアンメイ笑

From today I started playing a guitar which I rent from my share mate who’s guitar expert. It can allow me to play everyday compared with piano there’s in gallery(30 minutes by walking). I wanna master a guitar number ‘everlasting lie’ by BUMP OF CHICKEN I love, while singing , of course:) I try to play difficult song despite a beginner, do my best! My target level is Brian May :p

Economic system


The market economy has been damaged by the stagnation of economic activity caused by this virus problem, and the anxiety for people. In my opinion, I think that a market-based economy with a lot of instability is reaching its limits. I’ve always wondered where the ultimate goal for the society of competition principle and the materialism are. My ideal one is a recycling society. There are many small circles in a large circle, and the economy runs in each circle. It is said that growth is stagnant in a recycling-based society, but I think it will grow spirally. And also definition of growth would be changed. However, people may not be able to stay being in the circle unless they give up certain degree of possession greed. I’m not good at economics, and it is not possible to build a concrete social system so it can only be said in an abstract way. It’s a good time to change the social system seriously, anyways.

Online drawing

題の通りonline drawingに参加しました。主催者はいつも通ってるクロッキークラスの方々です。素晴らしき提案!今は殆ど外出出来ないので中々絵のインスピレーションが得られなくて作品作りが頓挫してましたが、このセッションによって創造性が刺激されました。ここ最近創造的な活動が出来なくて生ける屍の様になってたので漸く息を吹き替えせそうです^ ^

I joined online drawing session held by drawing organizer and one of the students. What a wonderful idea! These days making works was suspended because I couldn’t get inspiration from this situation I hardly go out. But my creativity was inspired by this session. Recently I was like a living dead because I couldn’t do creative activities, but seems like I’m finally breathing 🙂



I’m considering about virus. In this type of parasite, when the number of infected people reaches a certain number, they become saturated and infectors decreases. One of the reason is that when the all host is killed, the parasite itself can’t survive, so the infectivity is suppressed. I wonder why they without thought function can make that judgment. And I guess that the difference of mortality in each country or district might be related to vaccination given during childhood or something. Anyways, I hope it’ll be elucidated and utilized in vaccine development in the future.



I need a new target because all works for group exhibition finished. I expect to join an art event in May at Spain but not sure it’ll be held or not, so i lost my motivation to make new painting. I have nothing to do, I feel spend everyday in vain. To be honest now I get homesick just a little bit, but I try to find something what I can do here in Berlin.

Recent status 3

  1. ビザ当局も感染拡大防止の為縮小体制でなかなかスムーズには進みません。私のシェンゲン期限は4月7日なのでそれまでに間に合いますように。
  2. 暖かくなってきたけど冬服とブーツしか持ってなくて困ってます。
  3. 地元で借りてるマンションの解約をしなければなりません。親に頼ろうと思います😣
  4. 色々懸念事項がありすぎて、なかなか気持ちの切り替えがスムーズにはいかないです(ウイルスでは無く自分の周りの事)。
  1. The procedure of visa extension doesn’t exceed smoothly because authority do a reduction system due to virus. Hope It’ll go well until my Schengen expiration 7th.Ap.
  2. It’s getting warm gradually, but I have only winters clothes and boots. Really bothering.
  3. i have to cancel an apartment now I lent in Kobe. I think I’ll rely on my parents.
  4. it’s not easy to change my mind soon positively because of having many anxiety( not virus but my situation)😞



This morning, it was decided that group exhibition is postponed until maybe May and my extension of stay at least 3 months probably. I just contacted the Schengen visa authority. I’ve been feeling massive fatigue against rapid change of circumstances, so went to practice the piano which is my tranquilizer( btw using a rental bike to avoid the contact with people). While playing I organized my mind that I should accept this situation as my destiny. I’m not sure I’ll make extra painting or get a job in three months, but I’ll try to think positively.

Invitation card


Invitation card for our group exhibition was completed. My work is used for front page, I’m happy:) However, now our organizer is thinking whether exhibition is postponed or not. In case of postpone, I’ll extend the stay in Germany using a special extension visa. The period is undecided. I can’t say anything clearly because it’s hard to predict something even the near future. Having a impression that situation is getting worse rapidly because I tend to be late in understanding the circumstances due to no tv&pc there. I just only have a complicated feeling, what’s a tricky status! 🙁 If it’s decided to extend, I might buy a secondhand pc.

This situation


Weekly lunch concert it’s my place for healing is canceled until April, and drawing exhibition held by drawing class I go every week is postponed. It’s unavoidable decision but this is so painful to be deprived the precious things such as music, art and so on. More and more the world is being eroded by fear against new virus. I think we can absolutely overcome this problem when we live a healthy life and have a strong will ‘I’m okay’. Hopefully this problem settle down ASAP🤞

On the train


I often come across some type of people on the train. Yesterday there was a drunker who was drinking a beer, he beat a beer bottle and inside train became reeking of alcohol. And then he started drink the other beer soon lol. At the same time, a junkie woman was wandering seeking a drug. Previously a NeoNazi( maybe) tried to pick on me, but I ignored him. There’s a quite chaotic human pattern, but I watch them while having fun and love:)