Oh happy day ♪

今日は絵の代金の一部を受け取りました。自分の絵が売れる事は本当に嬉しい事です!そしてまた来年も展示させてくれるそうです☆カフェのオーナーさんは超良い人で私は彼女と知り合えてなんて幸運だろうと心から思います。彼女のお店に来るお客さん達も素晴らしい人ばかりで、お店が縁で沢山の素敵な出会いがありました。これからも出会えた皆との関係を大事にしたいです^ ^

Today I received part of the payment for the painting. I’m really happy to sell my paintings! And seems that I can exhibit next year again. The owner of the cafe is a super nice person and I truly consider myself lucky to have known her. The customers who come to her shop are all amazing people, and there were many wonderful encounters through this place. I wanna continue to cherish the relationships with everyone I met there😊

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