先日スーパーからアパートに帰って来た時、中庭の通路で何か蠢いていたので避けてよく見るとカタツムリが這っていました。中庭にある子供用の砂場にももう一匹いてびっくり。普段は周りの茂みに住んでるのかもしれませんが、都会でカタツムリに出会えてホッコリしました^ ^

The other day, when I came back to my apartment from supermarket, something was wriggling in the passage of the courtyard, so I avoided it and looked closely, and there was a snail crawling. Also, I was surprised to see another one in the sandbox for children there. They may usually live in the surrounding bushes, but for me, it was heartwarming to meet snails in the city 🙂

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