今日はピアノの調律と修理をしてもらいました。だいぶ弦が緩んでチェンバロみたいな音になってた部分とか異音がする部分とかを色々丁寧に直して頂き、音がすごくクリアで美しくなりました。音の大きさは内部や後ろ側に毛布とかの布を置いて響きを低減させるしか無いようです。このピアノは100歳超えてるらしいですが、そんな古さは全く感じない美しい音が鳴ります。きっと100年以上の間に沢山持ち主が代わったのでしょうが、今は縁有って私へと辿り着きました。大事に使いたいと思います^ ^

I had the piano tuned and repaired today. The sound became very clear and beautiful by carefully fixing the parts where the strings became loose and sounded like a harpsichord and the parts where there was a strange noise. A tuner said the loudness of the sound can only be reduced by placing a blanket or other cloth inside or behind it. Seems that this piano is over 100 years old, but it produces a beautiful sound that doesn’t feel that old at all. I bet many owners have changed between 100 years, and now I own it, this encounter is wonderfull. I want to cherish to use it:)

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