明日いよいよ我が家にピアノが搬入されます。超楽しみです^ ^ただし音程の狂いがあるのと最低音のハンマーと弦を繋ぐ紐が切れているので、調律と修理が来週成されます。それから物凄く華やかな音のピアノなのですが強弱の幅が狭くて微妙な表現が今のままだとやりにくいので、調律師さんに調整してもらいたく思ってます。

The piano will finally be transported to my place tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it! However, the tuning and repair will be done next week because the pitch is out of sync and the parts connecting the lowest note hammer and the strings is broken. Also, the piano has a very gorgeous sound, but the range of ff to pp is narrow and it’s difficult to do subtle expressions as it is, so I want a piano tuner to adjust it 🙂

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