Preparation period

この数ヶ月間、立て続けに大きな絵を3作描き、合間にイラスト描いてと自分で思う以上に絵にエネルギーを使ってた様で痩せたと言われました(*_*)ドイツ出発までの2カ月間は小品を描いて小休止。あとは体力作りして向こうで病気しない様にしたいです。武田真治の筋肉体操します^ ^

I drew three big works continuously for six months and drew some illustration during making above works, and friends whom I met them after a few months said you look thinner than before. Oh… That’s because I consumed big energy for drawing probably. For 2 months until departure, I’ll make small sized works for break and do physical fitness in order to prevent me from illness at Berlin:)

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