昨晩、超久々に映画を観に行きました。映画館に行ったのはボヘミアンラプソディ以来です(3回観た^ ^)。今回観たのは”C’mon C’mon”というアメリカ映画です。言語は英語、字幕はドイツ語で、ドイツ語の勉強になるかと思ったけど、英語も所々発音の癖が強かったりブロークンになると聞き取れない箇所があり、リスニングに注力しててそんな余裕は無かった…でも心温まる良き物語でした。

Last night I went to watch a movie after super long time. Since watching “Bohemian Rhapsody”(I watched it three times :p), I had no opportunity to come to cinema. This time I watched an American movie titled “C’mon C’mon”. The language is English and the subtitles are German, so I thought that it’s a good time to study German while reading subtitles and listening English, but there were some parts of English that I couldn’t hear when they had a strong pronunciation habit or they spoke broken English, so I was doing the best just listening. Anyways, it was a heartwarming and nice story 🙂

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