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2週間に渡って開催されたContemporary art exhibition が無事終了しました。累計約380名の方にお越しいただきました。会の規模や知名度、地理的条件、昨今の状況から鑑みてこの来訪者数は上出来だと思います。何よりも皆様から多くの応援や暖かい言葉を頂けた事が一番の成果と思います。また色々な新しい繋がりが出来ました。これからも休む事なく制作を続けて新作を皆様に披露出来たらと思います。ちなみに有難い事に石アートは完売しました^ ^

Contemporary art exhibition held through for two weeks has finished peacefully. Sum of the visitors were about 380. Considering the scale and name recognition of this exhibition, inconvenient location and recent situation, I think this number of visitors is wonderful. More than anything, the best result is that we received a lot of support and warm words from everyone. And I got new connections with some people. I hope that I’ll continue to produce new works without rest and show them to everyone 🙂 Btw, thankfully all of my stone art was sold out!

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