Spring clothes

今最も大きな問題は春服が無い事です。今週はどうやら20度超えるらしく、これは極めて深刻です。日本から送ってもらう予定の荷物は様々な事情によりいつ届くか定かではないです。あまり服を買いたくも無いし…でも今日近所の道端で春服(ジーンズ、カーディガン、ワンピース)拾いました^ ^(ベルリンでは道端に要らない本とか服を置く習慣があり、私はよく本をゲットします)。とにかくありがたく着させて貰います。

I have significant problem that having no spring clothes. Seems that it’ll be over 20℃ next week, it’s very serious for me. Not sure when the luggage which my parents expect to send me will be delivered from Japan due to various reasons. I don’t wanna buy many clothes here as possible. But today I picked up spring clothes(jeans, cardigan, one-piece) on the nearby street. (There is a habit of putting things that are not needed on the road at Berlin, I often pick up books.) Anyways I receive these clothes with many thanks 🙂

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