Recommended book 好きな本

『広い宇宙に地球人しか見当たらない50の理由』by Stephen Webb。フェルミのパラドックスに基づくサイエンス本です。例えば宇宙人はいるけど遠すぎて来られない、地球人しか存在しないとか色々な仮説を論証。最後には読者自身の自説も固まると思います。勧めても皆読んでくれないんですけどね〜ちなみに私の意見は、エイリアンは既に地球にいる、です!

“If the universe is teeming with Aliens…Where is Everybody “ by Stephen Webb. This is a science book based on Fermi paradox. 50 hypotheses were demonstrated in it, for example, aliens exist but can’t come here due to being too far-away, we’re alone in the universe , etc… After reading, readers must be able to obtain their own opinion about existence of aliens. Everyone has never read that despite my strong recommendation,though. Btw in my opinion, aliens are already living here:)

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