Historical day


One of my friends taught me that today, November 9th, is the day the Berlin Wall fell (about 30 years ago). I’m living on the former East German side, and maybe because development was slow, it doesn’t feel like an urban, so it’s a good place to live. It’s a very harsh history to be divided into the west and the east in the same country, and I think there were many people who were tossed by a strange fate. It seems that there are still problems, but anyways, it’s a memorable day that they were released from division.

New challenge


I started to make a new work. On the night I saw Nobuyuki Tsujii’s concert, when I was reminded of the beauty of his sound, the image of the painting came to my mind. I felt that his performance was full of happiness and joy, so hope I can reproduce that euphoria in my work. It’s my first challenge to express music as a painting, and now I’m struggling at the draft stage, but I hope it could be a good work 🙂



Just now I’m in Liverpool, England. Last night, I went to listen to Nobuyuki Tsujii’s long-awaited piano performance. The program was Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor”. His play was really fabulous beyond description, but I daresay that his sounds were astonishingly colorful. His timbre was one and only, not a single sound wasted, and the ensemble with the orchestra was great. The 2nd movement of Pathetique Sonata that he played for the encore was so beautiful that I cried. If I have another chance, I definitely want to go to his concert. Once again, I realized that my art is based on music. I’ll continue to create works that fuse music and art.



Finally, my new work was completed. The attempt to draw on both sides of the board was more difficult than I thought. 1mx20cm isn’t that big for one side, but actually it could be a big-sized work for both sides plus a side. Fire and water are opposite elements, but they are essential from the point of view of life. Therefore, the belt part with silver leaf is circling so that the flow of life is connected to both fire and water. In the music ensemble, various instruments gather to play songs and wrap the place with a sense of unity. I got a hint from there and titled it “Ensemble”. There are many conflicting structures in this world, and many of them are fighting under dualism. I think it’d be nice if we could accept conflicting things like an ensemble in the future.


先日、バンドネオン(アコーディオンの仲間)の演奏者のスケッチをしました。友人がそのスケッチをとても気に入り、自分の友人(アコーディオンが趣味)への誕生日プレゼントとして買ってくれる事になりました。とても有り難き幸せです^ ^余談ですが音楽のアンサンブルってとても素敵だなと最近富に思います。将来5人組の室内楽グループを作ってシューマンのピアノ五重奏曲を演奏するのが夢です。

The other day, I did a sketch of a Bandoneon( a group of the accordion) player. My friend liked this sketch so much that she’ll buy it from me as a birthday present for her friend (who likes to play the accordion). I’m very grateful and happy:) As an aside, recently I think that music ensembles are really amazing. My dream is to form a chamber music group of five in the future and perform Schumann’s piano quintet.

To the UK


This fall, I decided to go to England to visit my friends. They are currently moving around the UK, but they’ll return to their home country New Zealand in November. Since they are travelers, I don’t know when I’ll be able to meet them again, so I wanna meet them now. And at the same time, one of my favorite pianist, Nobuyuki Tsujii, will have a concert in England, so I definitely want to go to his performance. I’ll plan where else to go later. Can’t wait!


5年ほど前に自覚したのですが、私はHSP(Highly Sensitive Person)の特徴を持っています。読んで字の如く繊細で感受性の高い気質を持つ人です。HSP にもタイプが色々あるけど私がどのタイプかはあえて追求してません。この気質によって若い頃は傷つき易く、自己防衛の為に攻撃的な人でした。年を重ねて様々な経験をして些細な事で傷付きにくくなったし人間が丸くなりました笑。精神的にはタフになったけど、身体的に疲れやすいという弱点はあります。これは五感が発達し過ぎて絶えず様々な情報を脳が受け取り処理しているので、脳の疲れが身体疲労として現れるそうです。前の仕事をしている時突然強い睡魔に襲われ居眠りしては上司や同僚に注意されてましたが、私の仕事へのやる気が低いからではなくHSP由来の疲れだったと思います。と言うのも今の仕事はとても楽しくて私はやる気に満ちているけど相変わらず睡魔に襲われるからです。また人と会って余りにも楽しかった時は情報過多で脳が覚醒して睡眠の質が低下します(次の日は一日中眠い)。 私の脳の構造上、一生疲れやすいのだと思います。今まで殆どこの話を公言しなかったのはHSPは私にとって弱点だと思っていたからです。でも私は視覚から得る情報が人より多くて、尚且つ私独自の感性で物事を捉えるからそれを自分唯一無二のアートとして表現出来るのだなと、このほど利点として考え直しました。そして私のアートを気に入ってくれる人々が居る事はとても励みになります。今回の個展での経験で自分独自の感性に誇りを持てました^ ^

About five years ago, I realized that I have the characteristics of HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). As you can read, who is a person with a delicate and highly sensitive temperament. There are various types of HSP, but I don’t dare to check which type I am. When I was younger, by this temperament, I was easy to be hurt, and aggressive in order to protect myself. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had a lot of different experiences, and I’ve become less easily hurt by trifles, and I’ve become a more soft person lol. Mentally I’ve become tougher, but I have a weak point that I get tired easily physically. Seems that this is because the five senses are overdeveloped and the brain constantly receives and processes various information, so the fatigue of the brain appears as physical fatigue. When I was working at my previous job, I was suddenly attacked by a strong sleepiness and often fell asleep and was warned by my boss and colleagues. I think this wasn’t because my motivation for work was low, but because I was tired due to HSP. Because my current job is so much fun and I’m so motivated, but I still get strong sleepy. Also, when I’m having too much fun meeting people, my brain wakes up due to the overload of information and the quality of my sleep declines (the next day I’m sleepy all day.) Probably I get tired easily for the rest of my life due to the structure of my brain. The reason why I didn’t talk about this publicly until now is because I thought that HSP was my weak point. But i changed my mind that it’s my advantage. That’s because I get more information from my eyes than other people, and I can perceive things with my own unique sensibility, so I can express it as my one and only art. And it’s very encouraging that there are people who like my art. Through my experience at this solo exhibition, I was able to take pride in my unique sensibilities:)

Oh happy day ♪

今日は絵の代金の一部を受け取りました。自分の絵が売れる事は本当に嬉しい事です!そしてまた来年も展示させてくれるそうです☆カフェのオーナーさんは超良い人で私は彼女と知り合えてなんて幸運だろうと心から思います。彼女のお店に来るお客さん達も素晴らしい人ばかりで、お店が縁で沢山の素敵な出会いがありました。これからも出会えた皆との関係を大事にしたいです^ ^

Today I received part of the payment for the painting. I’m really happy to sell my paintings! And seems that I can exhibit next year again. The owner of the cafe is a super nice person and I truly consider myself lucky to have known her. The customers who come to her shop are all amazing people, and there were many wonderful encounters through this place. I wanna continue to cherish the relationships with everyone I met there😊

Happy news


My solo exhibition at the cafe, which I had been exhibiting for a very long time, ended yesterday, and I am happy to say that the painting sold. The reason why I started studying English in earnest was because when I started learning Japanese painting, I vaguely dreamed of exhibiting and selling my works overseas. I was able to achieve that goal this time. Recently, I’ve been creating art that is conscious of Japanese style, and although it’s a Japanese painting, it also incorporates elements of traditional crafts. It’s a fusion of homage to a respecting Japanese traditional craftsman and the originality of my art. My current goal is to spread this art that combines Japanese culture with a positive message to the world. It’s a magnificent goal somehow, but I’ll do my best.


先日スーパーからアパートに帰って来た時、中庭の通路で何か蠢いていたので避けてよく見るとカタツムリが這っていました。中庭にある子供用の砂場にももう一匹いてびっくり。普段は周りの茂みに住んでるのかもしれませんが、都会でカタツムリに出会えてホッコリしました^ ^

The other day, when I came back to my apartment from supermarket, something was wriggling in the passage of the courtyard, so I avoided it and looked closely, and there was a snail crawling. Also, I was surprised to see another one in the sandbox for children there. They may usually live in the surrounding bushes, but for me, it was heartwarming to meet snails in the city 🙂