立方体作品が完成しました。テーマは”春”です。色構成は川辺に咲く桜からイメージしました。きっとこの美しい景色は何万年も前から続いていていて、そして今後も末永く美を愛でられる季節が巡る事を願い主題を『無限』にしました。恐らくデザインと色を変えて夏秋冬バージョンも作る予定です^ ^

The cubed work was completed. Its theme is “spring”, and the color composition was inspired from cherry blossoms blooming on the riverside. I’m sure this beautiful scenery has been going on for tens of thousands of years, and I hope that the season of enjoying for beauty will continue for a long time, so I titled “infinity”. I’m probably planning to make a summer / autumn / winter version with different designs and colors:)


昨晩、超久々に映画を観に行きました。映画館に行ったのはボヘミアンラプソディ以来です(3回観た^ ^)。今回観たのは”C’mon C’mon”というアメリカ映画です。言語は英語、字幕はドイツ語で、ドイツ語の勉強になるかと思ったけど、英語も所々発音の癖が強かったりブロークンになると聞き取れない箇所があり、リスニングに注力しててそんな余裕は無かった…でも心温まる良き物語でした。

Last night I went to watch a movie after super long time. Since watching “Bohemian Rhapsody”(I watched it three times :p), I had no opportunity to come to cinema. This time I watched an American movie titled “C’mon C’mon”. The language is English and the subtitles are German, so I thought that it’s a good time to study German while reading subtitles and listening English, but there were some parts of English that I couldn’t hear when they had a strong pronunciation habit or they spoke broken English, so I was doing the best just listening. Anyways, it was a heartwarming and nice story 🙂

Cubed work2

再びキューブ状の作品を今作っています。大きさは10cm四方なので前回より大分小さいです。前は建物をテーマに描きましたが今回『ただ美しいだけの物』を作りたくなったので、日本の和柄を描いてます。イメージした通りの美しさを上手く表現できます様に^ ^!

Now I’m making a cubed work again. Its size is 10cm square, it’s smaller than before. I painted the theme of buildings previous time, but this time I wanted to make “something that is just beautiful”, so I’m drawing Japanese patterns. Hope I can express the beauty as I imagined 🙂

German lesson

近頃友人になったイラン人女性とタンデムレッスンをする事になりました。彼女は私から日本語を、私は彼女からドイツ語を学びます。彼女のドイツ語はネイティブレベルなので初めて話した時ドイツ人と思っていました。会話レッスンするとなるとドイツ語学習にやる気が出ます^ ^

I’m going to have a tandem lesson with an Iranian woman who recently became a friend. She learns Japanese from me and I learn German from her. Her German is native level so I thought she was a German when I talked with her first time. I’m motivated to learn German towards conversation lessons:)


新しい日本画が完成しました。今回は奇を衒わない素直な構図と表現を心掛けました。この世の中、色んな出来事が起こるけども、どんな時も自分には嘘をつかず、正直でありたいなと思ったからです。さて、次は何を描こうかな^ ^

My new work of Japanese painting was completed. This time, I tried to create a straightforward composition and expression that wouldn’t be strange. That’s because, although there’re many incidents in this world, I thought I wanna stay being honest and not lie to myself anytime:) Well, what should I draw next?

“Commitment” by Goethe


I found out a poem ‘commitment’ by Goethe. It’s amazing:) I make an effort to study German so that I’ll be able to read it in the original text one day. →“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: That the moment one definitely commits oneself then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents
and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Value conversion

私は子どもの頃から、地球が細い糸の上に乗っていてグラつきながらも何とかバランスを維持している、というイメージをこの社会全体に対して持っていました。上手く言葉で言い表せないけど、世界は今にも崩れそうな危うさを内包しながら表面上はそれを隠そうとしている感じ。いよいよそのバランスの在り方が大きく変わる時が来た気がします。具体的な言及は避けますが、恐らく我々は価値の転換を迫られる事になるかもしれません。地球が糸の上から転がり落ちるのか、新たな太い糸が編まれるのか、私達1人ずつが責任を担っていると思います。ちなみに足の怪我はだいぶ良くなりました^ ^

Since I was a kid, I had the image against our society that the earth is riding on a thin thread and manages to maintain balance while tottering. I can’t put it into words well, but it seemed like that the world was trying to hide it superficially, even though it contained a danger of collapse. I feel that the time has finally come for the balance to change dramatically. I avoid specific mention, but perhaps we might be forced to do value conversion. I think each of us is responsible for whether the earth rolls down from the top of the thread or whether a new thick thread is knitted. Btw my sprain is getting better:)



Three days after the injury, the discoloration and swelling of the skin due to internal bleeding still remained, but the pain in the affected area disappeared considerably. In the case of a fracture, it seems that strong pain will continue. Therefore, in my case, I made a self-diagnosis that it was a sprain. For a while, I don’t wear shoes with heels that put a strain on my toes, and walk with sneakers 👟 Hope it can recover quickly.

Maybe sprain


During yesterday’s yoga, I tried to keep the balance pose and failed, and I put a lot of load on my toes. After returning home, the pain became severe and when I looked at the affected area, it was swollen blue, and I suspected that this was a sprain or a fracture and observed overnight. The pain is terrible in the morning and my finger turns reddish purple, so I considered going to the hospital, but till next week, the booking was full everywhere, so I will observe a little longer for the time being. Probably it’s a sprain rather than a fracture. Wishful thinking:) I’m tough by nature, so I have little to do with internal organs or medical illnesses, but I sometimes get orthopedic-related injuries. Once, I’ve been to the hospital with a donkey biting the back of my hand lol. But I haven’t had any fractures, so I believe that bones are okay this time as well.


以前も書いたけど、3年前に私は会社員を辞めてアートの道に進みました。昨日の旅行から帰って気づいたのは、実は私は(物理的にではなく気持ちの上で)一度も立ち止まる事なく3年間道を走り続けていたようです。今回の旅行でようやく一時停止出来ました。組織への所属を辞めた不安や将来への焦りなどで止まる事が怖かったのだなと思います。今も勿論不安はあるけど会社員時代とは比べ物にならない程人生が楽しいです。ただワーカホリックになり過ぎないよう、ちゃんと一時停止する大切さを肝に銘じます^ ^

As I wrote before, three years ago I left the office worker and went on to the way of art. After returning from trip yesterday, I realized that I had been running on this way for three years without stopping (psychologically, not physically). I was finally able to pause on this trip. I think I was afraid to pause because of worries about quitting the belonging to the organization and impatience for the future. Of course, I have still anxiety, but my life is so much fun that I can’t compare it to when I was an office worker. Anyways, I keep in mind the importance of pausing properly so as not to be too worker holic:)