Solo exhibition in Berlin

昨日突然私の個展が22日から30日の約1週間、ベルリンのクロイツベルク地区にあるギャラリーにて開催される事が決まりました。。何という嬉しい驚き!ギャラリーのオーナーさんはアーティスト兼ヨガマスターでもあり私が彼女のヨガに時々通ってた縁で、彼女が私のプレゼンを聞きに来た時に私の絵を気に入ってくれたみたいです。人数制限やマスク着用の義務などの規制はありますが私にとってはとても大きな前進です^ ^

Yesterday it was suddenly decided that my solo exhibition will be held from 22nd to 30th at the gallery where there’s at Kreuzberg in Berlin. What a happy surprise! An owner of the gallery is also artist and yoga master I met her at her yoga class. When she came to my presentation, seems that she got curious my works. Although there’re regulations such as restrictions on the number of people and the obligation to wear masks in holding, it’s a great step for me:)

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