Marble flour

日本から持参した盛り上げ胡粉を使い切ったので画材屋さんで大理石粉を買いました。これはテンペラ等に使われる物で、兎膠と油と併用する事で固化するそうです。日本画用の鹿&牛膠と水でもちゃんと固まりました。良かった。ちなみに日本画の胡粉は貝殻が原料で、大理石粉もどちらも炭酸カルシウムCaCO3です。これからは日本画では岩絵具と金箔銀箔以外はドイツで入手出来る画材を代用していきます。案外試してみると何とかなるものです^ ^

I used up the Gofun powders that I brought from Japan, so I bought marble flour at an art supply store. This is used for tempera, etc., and it seems to solidify when used in combination with rabbit glue and oil. I tried to combine with deer&cow glue and water, it solidified without problem, I was relieved. Both gofun powder which is made from shells, and marble flour are calcium carbonate CaCO3. From now on, in Japanese painting, except for rock paintings and gold leaf and silver leaf, I’ll substitute painting materials available in Germany. If I try it, unexpectedly it will work:)

Handmade seal

自分の名前の入った手作りの消しゴム判子を作りました。昨日から2日かけて完成させました。疲れた…こういう作業は没頭してしまいずっと同じ姿勢になるので関節をやられます。判子の出番が早く来ますように^ ^

I made a handmade rubber seal with my name. It took two days to make it from yesterday. I’m tired… This kind of work was so immersive that I was in the same posture all the time, so it hurted my joints. May the opportunity to use this seal come soon.

Exhibition has done

昨日グループ展が終わりました。月曜も火曜も準備してたので実質的には1日の展示でしたが昨日は沢山の人が来てくれました。良かったです^ ^ここ数日は準備やピアノの練習でバタバタしていてビザの準備やドイツ語の勉強に時間を取れていませんでした。今日から復活!

Yesterday our show was over. Actually it was a only one day show because we’ve been installing works also Monday and Tuesday, but many people came to see yesterday. I enjoyed:) For this couple of days I was really busy preparing for exhibition and practicing the piano, I couldn’t spend the time to prepare for visa and study Germany. From today I resume!

Recommendation letter 2

何とか5枚の推薦書が手に入りました。ほぼ間違いなくビザは取れると思います、多分。。これから他の書類を微調整して矛盾の無い内容に揃えます。うまくいきます様に^ ^

I could get 5 recommendation letters somehow. In all likelihood I can get a visa, maybe. From now on I’ll adjust all contents of documents so that there’s no contradiction. Hope everything’s gonna be all right:)



Today resident registration was done smoothly. From now on I have to prepare some kinds of documents towards getting visa while making a work, oh, I’m busy. And also I wanna learn German language more seriously, I’d be busy further…! But I’ll do it little by little:)



Japanese friends asked me whether i did not be harmed with the flood damage. Berlin, where I live, is located in eastern Germany, far from the damaged west. There is rather less rain in the east. Don’t worry, Berlin is okay. Above all, I pray for the repose of souls of the victims and hope for the earliest possible recovery.



When I was a child, my dream was to be a pianist. I spent much times for practicing piano every day in order to pass the grade test or competition. But suddenly when I was in junior high school, I longed for a veterinarian and started aiming for entering a veterinary school. As a result, I failed the entrance examination and studied biology at a second choice university. I was involved in chemistry at work, but I didn’t have an ability for chemistry, so it took a lot of effort and study to understand it. Now I’m an artist. People often surprise with my transition from science to art, but my starting point was the art of music (piano), so my current job is more natural to me. The choice of life is wonder. I’d definitely not be in Germany now if I hadn’t started my current job. I have made various detours, but from now on I’ll walk in the art scene:)

Leaving tomorrow


Today I smoothly got negative certificate, I’ll leave Japan tomorrow on schedule. Gott sei Dank…! I could pass the first hurdle. Next one is acquiring a visa. Seems that Berlin authority limit to give visas against freelance workers from this year, so it’s harder to get it than before. Hope I can gain it without problem.



In my thought, there are two types of sense of values. It is relative and absolute values. Relative values ​​are acquired in the process of growth and life such as environment, education, and religion, and there are significant differences depends on individuals. These days, the differences often cause divide and conflicts. On the other hand, absolute values ​​are universal values ​​for human beings such as love, compassion, and harmony. When interacting with people, if we can share just only absolute values, I feel that the difference in relative ones ​​is trivial. May the times come when we can respect each other’s diversity that arises from different values.


コラボで作るアートの方向性が決まりました。それは”アートでお客さんに希望や癒し、歓び等のポジティブなメッセージを届ける事”です。今世界は社会的抑圧、同調圧力、何よりも自由の制限によりネガティブなムードで覆われています。病は気からという諺がありますが、これは科学的にも実証されていて陰の気は免疫を下げ陽の気は免疫を上げます。アートを通して陽の気を伝え、それを感じたお客さんが今度は陽の気の媒介者になってそれが広まれば良いな。私のstatementにも似た様な事を書いてますが、ベルリンの個展の時にそれは綺麗事だと1人のお客さんに言われました。世界はダークな事が多いのだからアートも世相を反映するべきと。私の考えは逆です。確かに色々と狂った出来事は起こっているけど、それに心を引っ張られるのではなく希望を持つ事で前に進めます。少なくとも私が表現したいものは絶望や風刺では無いです。このポジティブアートをベルリンに住むアーティストの友人達も巻き込んで大きなプロジェクトにしたい、というのが私の今の目標です。目標に向けて行動すると元気出ます^ ^

Our direction of collaborative art was decided. We’ll express the Art containing positive messages so that observers can feel a hope, healing and delight. Now the world is covered in, if anything, negative mood by social oppression, peer pressure and , above all, restrictions on freedom. We Japanese sometimes use a proverb “the mental causes illness”. It means that negativity such as bad thinking, dismal prediction and uneasiness pull in disease(evil). Conversely, positivity like a cheerful pushes aside evil. On scientific field, it’s actually proved positive mind enhances immune system. We wanna deliver the positive mind through art, and it would be nice if a good circulation of positivity occurs between observers. On my statement, I write a similar content, but one visitor came to my solo exhibition in Berlin said “it’s a naive thinking. This world is fulfilled by darkness, so artist should express a theme reflects the social situation.” My opinion is the opposite. Indeed various crazy incidents are happening there, but we can move forward by having a hope rather than being drawn to it. At least, I don’t want to express the despair and satire. My current target is to expand this positive art as a big project while involving my artist friends in Berlin. Acting towards aims will make me cheerful:)