At last, one of works, which expect to be on display at next exhibition, was completed!! After passing the hardest stage, it progressed smoothly beyond prediction. And also making postcard and flyer was completed !

Making Matière マチエール作り

胡粉と方解末を混ぜたもの。怪しい粉に見えなくもない ^^それを画面に置いて盛り上げて行きます。超地道な作業でめっちゃ疲れます!でも楽しい。後々、このマチエールが効いてきます。多分。

Mixed Gofun( by seashells) and Hokaimatsu ( by glass) , looks like illegal powder, though?! And that mixture is piling up on the picture. I feel tired I could die due to detailed work…but fun:) Eventually, this Matière will effect the result of work maybe.

Shelled Walnut 胡桃

In Berlin, the host at apartment gave me a lot of walnuts as a souvenir. I ate that every morning with yogurt. At last, the remaining is two…omg. Seriously I’m thinking about purchasing that at Amazon or something.


Progress of work 進捗


75~80% of completion. It’s the hardest stage right now. It’s frustrating that progress is slow in spite of knowing completed image. I wanna get over that ASAP(´-`)

Second work


Started making the second work using a linen cloth which I use for the first time . I applied ochre as a base coat on 60F. I’m drawing two works simultaneously from today (*_*)

Sayo Watano Solo Exhibition 2 開催のご案内



期間:2019年8月 3、4、10、11、17、18、24、25(いずれも土日)



I’ll hold my solo exhibition at Hikone in Shiga Prefecture in August .2019. It’ll be open for one month on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Place: The Gallery

Term: Aug/2019 3-4, 10-11, 17- 18, 24-25(Saturday and Sunday)

Time: 10:00~17:00

Address: 2229 Takamiya, Hikone city, Shiga Prefecture

Gallery HP:


New Work


New illustration was completed! I’ll make new fine art (Japanese style painting) using same motif from now on, and expect to be on display these ones at next exhibition. Please enjoy the difference of expression method:)

花泥棒 Flower Theft