Life in Berlin


It passed three days since I arrived at Berlin. I couldn’t update this website for a while on account of a security’s problem. Now I’m in trouble to not get wooden panel for work, although I want to start drawing:( Tomorrow for sure!

Day after tomorrow

いよいよ明後日が出発の日です。『人生はチョコレートの箱の様なもの、開けるまで分からない』フォレストガンプ より。という事で新たな扉を開いて来られたら、と思います^ ^

At last I’ll leave Japan day after tomorrow. “Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get” quoted from Forrest Gump. I wanna open the new gate for my life 🙂

Amend the statement

Artist statement を一部書き直しました。このサイトのトップページに載せてるので興味がありましたら読んでください。前よりは纏まった気がします。

I amended a part of artist statement. Please check HOME on this website if you’re interested in that. I suppose it’s more organized than the previous version 🙂

Send-off party

友人達が壮行会を開いてくれました。ありがたや〜お肉が食べたいと言ったら神戸牛の焼肉屋さんに連れて行ってくれました!沢山色んな方が応援してくれて本当に嬉しいです^ ^海外での製作は未知の世界ゆえに私自身心の準備がまだ整ってないです。でもあまり気負わず楽しんで来ようと思ってます。

My friends were kind enough to held a send-off party for me. Thankfully, they chose a yakiniku restaurant as I requested. What’s more, it was Kobe beef! I’m really happy that so many people support me:) To be honest, I’m not ready for AIR because it’s first experience to make works on abroad. But I don’t go too hard on myself and I wanna enjoy!

Kobe beeeeef !!

Before Packing


Little by little I’m collecting necessary things towards going to Berlin. My luggage must be terribly heavy due to a lot amount of painting tools, bulky winter clothes, groceries and daily necessities etc… I was at a loss about too many belongings when i listed up them. Of course I’ll get local stuffs as possible I can:)

Downfall (Der Untergang)

ドイツ語リスニングも兼ねて、ヒトラー最後の12日という映画を観てみました。長くなるので感想については割愛。ほとんど理解出来ない中でも、時々言葉が聞き取れて嬉しかった^ ^ドイツ語はあらゆる変化系が多すぎて覚えるの大変過ぎる故に、英語って超シンプルだと思えます。英語もまだまだやけど。言語学習は1日してならず!

I watched a movie titled downfall also for listening to German. I omit the the review because it’s going to be long. Even though I hardly understood languages, I could catch some words:) Anyways there’re many variations in German, it’s difficult to memorize those, so I fully realize the simplicity of English. Ich lerne sehr fleißig Duetsch und Englisch!

Concept and sensitivity

今自分の絵をいかに理論武装出来るかが私の課題です。というのも欧米で絵を評価してもらう際、概念=concept がないと話にならないからです。日本では感性=sensitivityが大事です。作者が絵に乗せた感情を観察者に察して貰うのです。しかしドイツで絵を制作するからには、概念の説明は避けては通れません。大変ではあるけど私の絵は感性がズレてるので概念化する方が恐らく合ってます。

Now I need to be armed with ideology for my works because concept is inevitable element when I’ll be evaluated in Europe. In Japan, the most important point for paintings is sensitivity. The observers are required to feel emotions what painters express those in the painting. But if I’m going to make works in Germany it shouldn’t avoid explaining the concept. Although it’s tough, it’s suitable for me because my sensitivity is getting off track:p



Recently when I draw illustrations, I use ball inked pen much more than watercolor. That’s because, in my opinion, it looks cool. The ratio of them is pen: watercolor =6:4 or 7:3. Meanwhile, I increased the ratio of watercolor at latest work, because I wanted to express a fluffy fur of bird. But it got ugly one 🙁 the color combination might be one of the causes of that.


About a month


It’s about a month till going to Germany. The stay period is from 7th January to 31st March. Now I feel restless a little bit due to piling up a lot of things I have to do. I worry about language, making works and something, but I just need to give it a go, anyways! And expect that I’ll join an art event at Spain in May. I’ll let you know about that in the future:)

German language (Deutsch)

レジデンス中に習う予定のドイツ語がどういった内容か予測がつかないので、基礎から学ぼうと文法書と単語集を買いました。フレーズだけ習得するのも良いけど、基礎を勉強すると理論的に理解できて良いです。動詞の変化系の多さにはビビりますが、新たな事を学ぶのは楽しいです^ ^しかし受験生の如く語学を勉強し過ぎて頭が痛い…

I purchased textbooks about German grammar and vocabulary at second hand store to learn basics because I can’t predict the contents of German class during my residency program. Although It’s not bad to memorize only phrases, it efficient to study basics because of getting theoretical understanding. I’m surprised that the variations of verb are too much, though. It’s so fun to learn about new things 🙂 I have a headache to study hard like a student before test 😅