A memorandum of how many processes my art has gone through to completion. 1, Sandpaper on the corner of the material wood. 2, Apply gofun (including Medium) as a base. 3, Paint the base color with mud paint. 4, Think about a rough design. 5,Draw a draft on the actual size paper of the work. 6, Copy the draft on the board with carbon paper. 7, Pilling up the gofun according to the lines of draft. 8, Sprinkle mud paint and mineral pigments over the entire picture to create layers of color. 9,Put silver leaf on a part of work. 10, Rust prevention of silver leaf with dosa. 11, Color the whole with mineral pigments. 12, Draw the edge line with gold mica. Once again, Japanese painting is a making technique that takes a lot of time and effort, but it gives me great joy when it is completed.

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