Good news


My sharemates, who were attending an artist-in-residence in Berlin two years ago, returned to Berlin from London yesterday. I’ll meet them for the first time in two years. Really looking forward to seeing them, super!!


今カフェで開催中の個展は7月末で終了する事になりそうです。半年近く展示させてもらえてありがたき幸せでした。次の展示の予定は未定ですが、何か決まれば嬉しいです。数日前からキューブの日本画”秋”の制作を始めました。今回は作業過程を動画と写真に収めようと思います。どうやら細かすぎて一見すると絵に見え難いみたいなので撮影した方が良いのかなと思いました。自分で作っておいてなんですが、相当手間のかかる作品なんです、このキューブは…でも楽しくもあります^ ^

The solo exhibition currently being held at the cafe is likely to end at the end of July. I was very happy to be able to exhibit it for almost half a year. The schedule for the next exhibition is undecided, but I’d be happy if something was decided. Few days ago, I started to make a new cubed work “Autumn”. This time I’ll record the work process in videos and photos. At first glance, seems that it doesn’t look like a painting because it’s too detailed, so I think it would be better to shoot it. I decided its design by myself , but it’s a work that takes a lot of time to make, how hard it is… but it’s also fun:)