Syu. Ha. Ri


In the process of inheriting traditional Japanese culture and martial arts, there is the word “shuhari”. The first step is to learn traditions and forms (keep; Syu), then the second step to apply and improve the forms (break; Ha), and the third step to become independent and create the new forms (separation; Ri). I feel that I have finally found the “Ri” in my Japanese painting. When I was in Japan, I was mainly learning from a teacher who makes Japanese paintings with academic techniques, so I also started by making academic (?) works. However, the subject I wanted to paint gradually changed, and I started searching for my own expressions for Japanese painting, but I was straying because I couldn’t find a clear uniqueness. Since I came to Germany, I have been able to break the common sense of Japanese painting that I was trapped in by interacting with a lot of free art and people, and now I am enjoying making works very much. I’ll continue to pursue my original Japanese painting art 🙂

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