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先週早速、近所の教会に出向いてグループ展を開催出来るか聞いて来ましたが、そこは6月から改修工事が始まるし5月まで既に展示の予約が埋まってるとの事でした。そんな訳でベルリンの教会における文化的イベントを取りまとめる担当者に連絡した所、明確なコンセプトの提出を求められたので現在それを準備中です。今は2月から始まる展示に向けて作品制作に追われているので、正直めちゃ忙しいのですが、グループ展の方も早くしないと予約が埋まってしまいそうなので書類作りに尽力します。上手く行きますように^ ^

Last week, I immediately went to a church in the neighborhood and asked to a father of the church whether I could hold a group exhibition, but he said that the renovation work would start from June and the exhibition reservations were already filled up until May. That’s why I contacted the person in charge of organizing a cultural event at a church in Berlin and was asked to submit a clear concept, so I’m preparing it now. Simultaneously, I’m making works towards the exhibition starting in February, so I’m really busy, but I’ll do my best to make documents because the reservations for the group exhibition will be filled up if I don’t do it early. Hope everything goes good:)

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