I need to gain a tax number(Steuernummer) for a job as a freelancer and open a bank account. Just now I’m preparing for these things. I have a lot to do! Nowadays, I feel the need to learn German more. Now I’m learning the easiest level, a1. The goal is to be able to read texts such as emails, so it is necessary to level up to b1 or b2 (c2 is the most difficult). Making an effort every day as possible I can 🙂

Next apartment

次に住むアパートが決まりました。ただし1ヶ月の短期間です。家主さんが旅行に行く間猫の世話をします^ ^今住んでる場所から歩いて15分の近所です。11月から住む場所をまた探さねばなりません。引っ越しは面倒なので今度はゆっくり落ち着ける場所を見つけられたらと思います。

I could find out a next apartment, but I’ll live there only a month. I’m taking care of a cat while the lender is away:) it’s a neighborhood from my apartment now I live. I have to search next apartment where I can live there from November. Moving is a troublesome for me, so hope I can find a place that I settle down for a long terms 🤞


本日無事にビザを取得出来ました。2年間有効という事です。書類を提出してからの待ち時間、かなり緊張しました。今は取得出来てホッとしています。ドイツで沢山の人に私のアートを見て楽しんでもらえる様に、作品作りに邁進します。もう少し国の行き来がしやすくなったら一度日本に一時帰国したいです^ ^

I could get a visa smoothly today. Its validity period is 2 years. After submitting all documents, I felt nervous during the waiting time, but now I’m relieved. I’ll do my best to make a lot of works so that many people in Germany can enjoy my art. If the situation would be better, I wanna come back to Japan temporarily:)



I could make all documents for applying a visa. A lot of documents is required for a freelance visa, so I took much time to make it. At last I’ll apply it next Tuesday. Hope I can get a visa smoothly. And now I’m searching a next apartment. Also hope I can find it well:)

Exhibition has done

昨日グループ展が終わりました。月曜も火曜も準備してたので実質的には1日の展示でしたが昨日は沢山の人が来てくれました。良かったです^ ^ここ数日は準備やピアノの練習でバタバタしていてビザの準備やドイツ語の勉強に時間を取れていませんでした。今日から復活!

Yesterday our show was over. Actually it was a only one day show because we’ve been installing works also Monday and Tuesday, but many people came to see yesterday. I enjoyed:) For this couple of days I was really busy preparing for exhibition and practicing the piano, I couldn’t spend the time to prepare for visa and study Germany. From today I resume!

New share mate

今週末から隣の部屋にシェアメイトが来るそうです。どんな人かは全く不明。私は今の部屋を今月末に出て行かねばならないので1ヶ月の共同生活になります。次の部屋を探す前にまずはビザ取らないとどうにもなりません。ビザの予約日を前倒し出来たら部屋探しに余裕が出来るけどキャンセル次第です。中々ギリギリです^ ^

Seems that new share mate will come from this weekend. I don’t know what kind of person it is. I have to leave my room at the end of this month, so it’ll be a communal living for only one month. Before looking the next room, I need to get a visa. Depending on the cancellation, I can move the date of visa application, and afford to seek a new room. I’m busy…:p