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ビザの申請日の予約が随分先まで埋まっていて11月下旬になりました。それまでは合法的にドイツに居る事が出来るそうです。申請日まで余裕があるのでじっくり準備します。ちなみに10月頃にPositive Artのグループ展を開催するかもしれません。まだ詳細は未定です。発案者の前シェアメイト2人はまだロンドンに居て、いつドイツに戻れるか分かりませんが、皆で一緒に開催出来たらと思います^ ^

The date of visa application was decided to be the end of November, because the reservation was already filled up to a few months later. Until that day, seems I can stay here Germany legally. There’s a plenty of time till the application date, so I’ll prepare carefully. Btw, maybe “positive art” group exhibition will be held around October. Details are not decided yet. Ex-shared mates who are originators of positive art are still in London, not sure when they will come back to Germany, but hope we can exhibit together:)

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